over $40,000 dona​ted since KotoriC​on started in 2010!

​KotoriCon volunteers works hard all year not just to put together a fun event but it is a charity fundraiser.  

This event is run by students at Rowan College at Gloucester County in the Japanese Anime Guild to raise money for Charities. 

KotoriCon: 2018 Charities

Kotoricon Scholarship Endowment

This endowment supports students who have dedicated their time and skills to community service and embrace the spirit of volunteerism. It is open to Rowan College at Gloucester County students​. The Japanese Anime Guild is building this endowment so the scholarship will be perpetual. It is administered by the Rowan College Foundation at Gloucester County and recipients are selected by the Scholarship Committee of the College Assembly.​​ 



Liberty in North Korea is a non-profit organization that works to empower the people of Northern Korea.  LINK is responsible for rescuing, habilitating and acclimating refugee​​s for a life outside of North Korea. Through our donations, we rescued a mother and her son escaping from North Korea in 2016. 

​LINK Volunteers travel around the United States sharing their message of hope, educating others on the plight of the North Korean people, and encouraging activism at home. ​To learn more visit their website here.

​Seabrook Buddhist Temple


​      Approximately 500 families of Japanese ancestry who lived and worked at Seabrook Farm started the Seabrook Buddhist Temple in 1945. By 1965 the Seabrook Buddhist Sangha (congregation) received independent temple status and the 20th anniversary of its founding was observed. 1968 saw the groundbreaking for the current temple situated on 7 acres of land less than one block from Route 77. In 1983 the temple was incorporated as a non-profit facility. In 1986 a home for the resident Sensei was constructed and in 1988 a meditation garden was added. For 70 years the hard working and dedicated Sangha have developed a welcoming atmosphere for people to gather to hear the Buddha-Dharma (the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha).​​​​ To learn more you will find their website here.​

​​Lauren Rose Albert Foundation: Mothers Matter​

mothersmatterlogo.png   The Lauren Rose Albert Foundation partners with community service agencies, organizations, hospitals and social service agencies to provide Mothers Matter gift bags to women facing difficult challenges throughout the year. The Lauren Rose Albert Foundation partners with community service agencies, organizations, hospitals and social service agencies to provide Mothers Matter gift bags to women facing difficult challenges throughout the year; gift bags are also provided to individuals upon request. Mothers Matter volunteers assemble “custom” gift bags that reflect any special needs of recipients. For women facing economic difficulties, family illness, tragedy or critical quality of life issues, Mothers Matter gifts offer a ray of sunshine and a message of caring and comfort – that “Mothers Matter”. The Lauren Rose Albert Foundation provides Mothers Matter gift bags throughout the year to Children’s Hospital ( CHOP ) Oncology and Transplant Units, Our Lady of Lourdes Health Systems Community Outreach, Mercy Hospice, Virtua/Fox Chase Cancer Program in Mt. Holly and Voorhees, People in Transition, MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper Hospital, Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia and Ronald McDonald House Family Rooms. To learn more you will find their website here.

Hispanic Federation


Hispanic Federation (HF) is the nation’s premier Latino nonprofit membership organization. Founded in 1990, HF seeks to support Hispanic families and strengthen Latino institutions through work in the areas of education, health, immigration, civic engagement, economic empowerment, & the environment.​​ You can find out more about their current Relief efforts to Puerto Rico here.​

What money goes to charity?

Cha​rity Auction 

Every year we run a Charity Auction. All items in the auction are donated. Please include the charity auction on your plans for the day.  You can find amazing items found nowhere else. In 2017 our charity Auction brought in over $1,900 for charity.

Artists and De​alers​

All the fees paid by artists and dealers are sent to charity. In addition, these generous artists and dealers donate items to the Charity Auction! In 2017 these fees generated over $4​,000 for charity.

Club tables

We give free space to Rowan College at Gloucester County student clubs including the Japanese Anime Guild and the Science Club.  Proceeds from their sales are donated to charities. 

Proceeds from Tickets​

Once the dust settles and the bills are paid, proceeds are sent to a variety of charitable organizations selected by the students.  ​​Many of our Guests waive their appearance fees, and some cover all their own expenses to allow for more money left to go to the charities.​


Some people donate extra when they purchase their tickets, go to our tea room, or just when they stop by the Japanese Anime Guild table.​

Additional Events

The students organize additional charity fundrasing events throughout the year as well as donate their time to projects that help groups in the area.