Rowan College at Gloucester County

Exemption Criteria

Students who have achieved the following test scores qualify for an exemption from that portion of the placement test. Students may be exempt from one or both sections of the placement test based on their scores. Students must submit a copy of their official score reports to the Admissions Office so an exemption can be entered. Please provide the Admissions Office with a copy of the following test scores for tests taken after April 1995:

Test Score ​Exemption​
SAT® MATH        530   ​Math Placement
SAT® ERW 480

Reading and Writing Placement     

ACT    Composite 21 Complete Placement    

PARCC ELA/Literacy
Grade 11

​4 or 5Reading and Writing    Placement
PARCC Algebra II Exam​ 4 or 5​​​

Additional Exe​mptions​ Include:

  1. Placement test taken at another institution. Students must provide the Testing Center with a copy of their scores to be evaluated for any course requirement.  

  2. Transfer students who have completed English and/or college Algebra, with a grade of  “C” or higher in each subject. Please provide the Admissions Office with a transcript showing the required course work.

  3. A college degree. Students must provide the Admissions Office with a copy of their transcript showing the degree. The transcript must show grades of "C" or higher in English and/or college Algebra for the student to qualify for an exemption.

  4. Age 55 years or above. Please submit verification of age to the Admissions Office.

  5. Previous placement test at Gloucester County College or Rowan College.