Construction Notice: Academic Center & Engineering Addition
Please be aware there is a new walking pattern from Lot D due to new construction. All foot traffic from LOT D must funnel around the construction zone to either the left side of Scott Hall or to the front of the University Center. Learn more at

Student Life

Y​​​​​​ou want to familiarize yourself with the office of Student Life the department on campus where you don’t need a #2 pencil to excel! They host fun, exciting and engaging events on campus that are held all throughout the academic year, free to all students. These events are a great way for students to get immersed in College life and also provide a forum to make lasting friendships. Our motto is “College is more than just going to class.” 

If you have interests or hobbies you’d like to enhance, RCGC has over 20 campus clubs that you can join.  Each Club has its own Advisor and meets at various times of the week throughout the year.  To find out more about clubs, click on the link to the left.​

You can also step it up a notch and add a “WOW” factor to your resume! Run for a position with the Student Government Association; by becomingthe voice for the students. Elections take place in the Fall and Spring for the four officer positions as well as seven freshman and sophomore senator positions.  

​To find out more about the campus activities and events on RCGC’s campus, you can visit the Student Life office on the second floor of the College Center building in Room 201.

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