Rowan College at Gloucester County

Voter Registration

​In compliance with certain federal and state requirements, Rowan College at Gloucester County is making Voter Registration Application forms and Application for Vote By Mail Ballot forms available on campus as well as providing information to links for electronic sites where such ​forms can be found. To find this information on campus please visit the Student Life Office located in College Center, the Information Center located in Student Services, and the Circulation Desk located in the Library. This information will also be distributed the first week of school at RCGC’s Welcome Tent located on the Plaza.

Voter registration forms are also available online through the County ​​website at the link below:
Online Voter Registration Form

Download Vote by mail form:

Click here to download vote by mail


Disclaimer: RCGC disseminates voter registration information to its students for educational purposes only. The information is made available without regard to the voter’s political preference. Information and other assistance regarding registering or voting shall not be withheld or refused on the basis of support for or opposition to particular candidates or a particular party.  See HEOA (Sec.493(a)(1))

Last Updated: January 5, 2018