Construction Notice: Tanyard Road Resurfacing
On or about Oct. 30, 2017, there will be major road construction on Tanyard Road between Blackwood-Barnsboro Road and Brenner Avenue. Construction is estimated to end in late Dec. 2017. Please allow for additional time when coming to campus. Click the header link above to learn more.

Rowan College at Gloucester County

Students: Test Appointment Form

An eligible student who wishes to use his/her accommodations and test in the Special Services Office is required to schedule a test appointment at least two weekdays prior to the test date, except if a test is on a Monday. 

To schedule a test date that falls on a Monday, the student must schedule an appointment on or​ before the Friday prior to the Monday test date.  Special Services must receive the request by 4 pm on Friday, for a next Monday test.  If a test request is received after 4 pm on Friday, Special Services will not provide test accommodations for the following Monday.

If a class meets in the evening or on the weekend, an appointment must be scheduled at least two weekdays prior to the test date.

Please complete the Test Request Form below:

Last Updated January 12, 2017

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