Rowan College at Gloucester County

Assistive Technology

Students who have registered with the Department of Special Services have a wide variety of adaptive technology available to them. There is a computer lab with six devices available for student use. Each computer is loaded with Microsoft Office, connected to networked printers and the Internet and has specialized software to accommodate disabilities. The software addresses the needs of students who are visually impaired, have ADD, dyslexia or other learning disabilities, or who need remediation in math, writing and reading.


Specialized Software

  1. JAWS® for Windows is a screen-reading program, which enables visually-impaired students to use a computer and many common applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, Internet browsers and email applications.

  2. Zoom Text is a powerful computer-access solution designed for the visually impaired, consisting of screen magnification. It provides complete low vision access to the Internet, email, and all desktop applications.


Additional Assistive Technology

  1. Audiobooks

  2. Digital recorders

  3. FM listening systems

  4. Interactive calculators

  5. Victor readers

  6. Desktop magnifiers

  7. Large-screen computer monitors

  8. Touch-screen computer monitors

Last Updated January 12, 2017

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