Rowan College at Gloucester County

In-Service Training Courses

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​To attend any of the classes listed below, students must be a sworn member of a governmental law enforcement agency.

 All classes begin at 0830!

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Accident Investigation for Patrol Officers



Course Fee:  $40

This course is designed to give the patrol officer with little or no formal training in accident investigation better insight into the proper interpretation and gathering of physical evidence at a motor vehicle collision. The class is ideal for officers who frequently investigate accidents and want to enhance their knowledge and skills. Specific topics include planning the investigation, interviewing drivers and witnesses, visibility and environmental factors in accidents, simple estimates of vehicle stopping distances and speeds from skid marks, accident information from vehicles, measurement techniques at accident scenes, and more!

Instruction: Academy Staff                                                                                                                                                    Attendance: 40

Advanced Street Survival

10/22/18-20/25/18--NEW DATE!!


Course Fee:  $150

This four-day course is designed to expand upon the principals and tactics taught in the basic Street Survival course. The course will better prepare law enforcement personnel for the violent encounters they may face while on or off-duty. Topics to be covered will include combatives, enhanced firearm techniques and tactics, and practical exercises involving scenario-based force-on-force training. Prerequisite: Attendance at Gloucester County Police Academy’s Street Survival course or equivalent. This course is physically demanding and will require a medical clearance. REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Ear and Eye Protection, Body Armor, Department-Issued Handgun, Duty Belt and Holster, 500 rounds of handgun ammo. This class will be held off-site, not at Gloucester County Police Academy.  PLEASE NOTE: INSTRUCTIONAL CREDITS MAY NOT BE USED TO PAY FOR THIS COURSE. ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE TO “VALKYRIE SECURITY & TRAINING, 3242 DELSEA DR., FRANKLINVILLE, NJ 08322

Instructor: Valkyrie Security & Training                                                                                                                               Attendance: 20

Basic Course for Police Officers

Session 1:  ​3/5/18-7/11/18  OR   Session 2:  8/6/18-12/12/18

Course Fee:  $350 (In-County Officers)       $600 (Out-of-County Officers)

​The Basic Class for police officers consists of training mandated by the Police Training Commission and includes over 100 hours of physical fitness, 40 hours of firearms training, 40 hours of first responder, 12 hours side-handle baton, and over 250 hours of academic subjects. Applicants must be sworn, full-time employees of a municipal, county, or state institution and conform to all the standards prescribed by the New Jersey Police Training Commission.

Instructor: Academy Staff                                                                                                                                                      Attendance: 40

Basic Investigative Digital Photography



Course Fee:  $20

This is a hands-on course designed to teach the basic fundamentals of digital photography at various types of scenes. This workshop focuses on basic operation of the camera, providing information and techniques to guide law enforcement agencies into the updated technological capabilities of digital photography and provide the skills needed to apply this technology in the crime scene investigation field and/or related areas. The participants will be taught how to use their department’s camera equipment, focusing on camera modes, digital SOP’s, operation of flash and many other practical applications. Please note the course is appropriate for not only investigative personnel, but patrol officers as well. REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: a digital camera with a flash card. Bring the camera manual and all other camera equipment issued by your department. Sharing of cameras is not permitted! All students MUST have their own cameras.

Instructor: Gloucester Co. Pros. Office Crime Scene Unit                                                                                                        Attendance: 20

Bicycle Patrol School

Session 1: 5/14/18-5/18/18 (SESSION FILLED!)  OR Session 2:  9/10/18-9/14/18

Course Fee:  $100

This course is taught by an International Police Mountain Bike Association certified instructor and includes training in accident avoidance, comfort and efficiency, stair climbs and descents, legal rights of cyclists, liability concerns of bike patrols, bicycle handling skills, emergency maneuvers, and much more. A high quality mountain bike, bike uniforms, at least three weeks riding experience prior to the start of the class, bicycling gloves, eye protection, and a full medical clearance are required prior to the start of class.

Instructor: Academy Staff                                                                                                                                                Attendance: 18

Commercial Vehicle Crash Investigation - Level I



Course Fee:  -0-

This intensive course will cover the unique characteristics of commercial motor vehicles and the special dynamics at play when one is involved in a collision. Detailed information of the nomenclature and operation of commercial motor vehicles will provide officers with a level of competence needed to have an adequate understanding of mechanical components, parts and pieces of the commercial motor vehicle and how they may factor into the investigation. To reinforce the concepts presented, attendees will conduct "hands-on" exercises and vehicle testing during the course.  Some topics covered include:  Tractor-Trailer Nomenclature; Brake Systems-Configuration & Operation; Wheels, Rims and Tires; Steering Suspensions and Frames; Trailer Coupling Devices-5th Wheels; Driver Concerns-Log Books; Vehicle Components; Center of Mass Determinations; Skid Mark Measurements and Speed Analysis; Jackknifing; Rollover; Vehicle Dynamics in Braking; and Weight Shifting

Required Equipment:  Scientific Calculator

Prerequisite:  Advanced Crash Investigation training through Traffic Crash Reconstruction-  New Jersey Officers will be given preference over out-of-state officers in the registration process.​

Instructor: IPTM Staff                                                                                                                           Attendance: 30

Crash Investigation I​ - 



Course Fee:  -0-

This definitive course is based on the best selling law enforcement book of all time, The Traffic Investigation Manual. It provides in-depth coverage of the skills officers need to systemically investigate a traffic accident, including the ability to recognize critical evidence at the scene and to preserve/record it promptly. Techniques of recognizing and properly recording accident results on roadways and vehicles are also thoroughly presented. Officers will learn how to make measurements, sketches, after accident diagrams, and photographs of the accident scene. How the collected data can be used to reconstruct accidents will also be covered. New Jersey officers will be given preference over out-of-state officers in the registration process.

Instructor: Division of Highway Safety Staff                                                                                                                           Attendance: 32

Crash Investigation I​I

​Class is full.  Interested officers will be waitlisted.


Course Fee:  -0-

Crash Investigation II will enhance the capability and credibility of your at-scene investigators. The course is designed to develop skills in technically preparing AI data and collecting follow-up data required by prosecutors, defense attorneys, claim adjusters, fleet supervisors, reconstructionists, and highway safety engineers. The course's emphasis is on vehicle damage analysis and vehicle behavior in accidents. Some topics include: vehicle damage analysis, vehicle behavior in accidents, results of the accident on the road, lamp filament analysis, tire damage analysis, measurement methods, and specialized data gathering. PREREQUISITE: CRASH INVESTIGATION I . New Jersey officers will be given preference over out-of-state of-ficers in the registration process.

Instructor: Division of Highway Safety Staff                                                                                                                        Attendance: 32

Crime Prevention for the Practitioner
Course Fee:  $100

​This 40-hour Police-Training-Commission approved course will prepare the officer with the knowledge and skills necessary to advise citizens on how best to protect themselves from criminal attack at home, at work, and in public places. Upon completion of this class, officers will be able to administer, coordinate, or act as a liaison with those activities on behalf of the police department. Some topics include crime analysis, risk management, physical security, home security, citizen patrol concepts, terrorism/homeland security, and much more.

Instructor: Academy Staff                                                                                                                                                   Attendance: 40

Crime Scene Processing



Course Fee:  $80​

This 32-hour workshop will offer hands-on training in fingerprint development, alternate light sources, photography, presumptive blood tests, and blood print development. Students will participate in mock crime scene processing and class presentations. The class is geared to detectives and patrol officers in smaller departments who are responsible for investigating crime scenes.

Instructor: Academy Staff                                                                                                                                              Attendance: 15

Criminal Investigation


Course Fee:  $100

This course will provide insight and training to the individual who is most responsible for the initial actions at a crime scene. Topics will include preliminary crime scene investigation, forensic scene investigations, bloodstain pattern reconstruction, medical examiner scene investigation, interviewing, search warrants, sexual assault investigations, and much more!

Instructor: Academy Staff                                                                                                                                              Attendance: 40

Cults, Street Gangs, and Gangs in Drugs


Course Fee:  $60

This 24-hour course deals with all aspects of various cults and gangs. By the end of the class, students will be able to recognize, identify, and investigate criminal activity of cults and gangs. Discussion topics include Urban Gangs, Streetology Tagging, Supremacist Groups, Asian Gangs, and much more.

Instructor: Academy Staff                                                                                       Attendance: 40


Current Trends in Document Fraud

Session 1:  5/31/18 (SESSION FULL!)  or Session 2:  11/7/18

Course Fee:  -0-

This course will assist law enforcement (Patrol Officers as well as Detectives) with training that will enhance their ability to recognize and identify the universe of identity-related documents issued by and relied upon by the NJ MVC and other government agencies. With emerging technology, it has become increasingly difficult to ide​ntify fraudulent documents. Students will learn what tools are available to assist them in identifying counterfeit documents by providing "hands on" training and experience in the recognition of fraud as it pertains to documents such as: driver licenses, redesigned 2017 permanent resident cards, redesigned 2017 employment authorization cards, "Next Generation" passports and Social Security cards. Participants will learn the newest trends in counterfeiting of identity documents by "on-line" manufacturers, which has become increasingly common due to the ease in obtaining access to previously unpublished document security technology. The latest trend involves a significant increase in the counterfeiting of driver's licenses from Puerto Rico. This course will also identify the differences between counterfeit and genuine NJ inspection stickers, temporary registrations and certificates of title. In addition, this class will review facial recognition technology as it is used by the Motor Vehicle Commission on all images captured, as well as the process that is used with the submission of a photo for a "manual upload." Of paramount importance is a cutting edge investigative tool available to law enforcement at the New Jersey Regional Operations Intelligence Center (ROIC). Known as the "Facial Recognition Initiative,"  this technology utilizes the Photo Imaging Mugshot System maintained by the New York/New Jersey "HIDTA" program. Along with the instruction, the students will receive a booklet with the totality of the identity document safety features, a "cheat sheet" with the 50 states driver's license ID features and an asset sheet listing all of the investigative support services available through the MVC to law enforcement for future reference. 

Instructor: NJ MVC                                                                                                                                                    Attendance: 40

Drugs for the Patrol Officer


11/26/18-11/30/18--NEW DATE
Course Fee:  $100

This 40-hour course is designed for the uniformed officer and covers the CDS Act, Drug Identification, Search & Seizure, MV Stops and Searches, Report Writing, Roadside Interview Techniques, Pre-Stop and Vehicle Indicators of Criminal Activity, Consent to Search, Developing Sources of Information, and Uniformed Officer Interaction with the Undercover.

Instructor: Academy Staff                                                                                                                                           Attendance: 40

Event Data Recorder Use in Traffic Crash Reconstruction - Level I


Course Fee:  -0-

This course will teach officers how to analyze any event data recorder (EDR) data they encounter regardless of the manufacturer. Students will also learn how to analyze the EDR data which has been collected with any imaging tools, including propriety manufacturer tools, as well as from future vehicles not yet released.  IPTM staff will teach officers how to use EDR data with roadway evidence calculations to yield a complete reconstruction considering all available evidence. Simple checklists and guides will be provided to improve consistency and accuracy. Supplied templates will take some of the work out of more complex analysis.  Officers will be given many EDR reports from real world crashes and will work in teams to analyze the EDR data and reconcile it to the scene evidence given. Comprehensive solutions to these problems will be distributed for future reference.  

Prerequisite:  Advanced Crash Investigation training through Traffic Crash Reconstruction.  New Jersey officers will be given preference over out-of-state officers in the registration process.​​

Required Equipment:  Recently closed or active personal cases (especially those involving 2013/2014 model years meeting the Part 263 regulation, laptop with administrative privileges, and calculator with cosine function.

This class does not include technician training to operate the Bosch© Crash Data Retrieval Tool. Training to become a CDR Technician is available online in IPTM's Bosch© CDR Tool Technician Training by IPTM course. Experience with the Bosch©CDR tool is not necessary to register for or complete this class.

Instructor: IPTM Staff                                                                                                                       Attendance: 30

FBI Investigator's School



Course Fee:  $20

This class is a comprehensive, one-week study of investigative techniques and practices, in-cluding violent crimes (robberies, kidnapping, child abductions), survival awareness, domes-tic and international terrorism, source utilization and mapping, interview and interrogation, crisis management, bomb management, weapons of mass destruction, investigating narcotics violators, dealing with school violence, identifying counterfeit documents, crime assessment/profiling violent crime, and crime scene investigations. The jacket & tie academy dress code is strictly enforced for this class.

Instructor: FBI (Philadelphia)                                                                                                                                  Attendance: 40

Field Training Officer School

Session 1:  ​2/12/18-2/14/18 (SESSION FILLED!) or Session 2:  11/19/18-11/21/18 (SESSION FILLED!)


Course Fee:  $60

The Field Training Officer Training class is a program that instructs participants in the training of newly hired officers. The program stresses five roles of the FTO, recruit training manuals, standard evaluation guidelines, the emulation process, daily observation reports, teaching techniques, liability, ethical issues, rater error, case law, remedial training/procedures, a review of recruit post-academy training, and much more!

Instruction: Academy Staff                                                                                                                                    Attendance: 40

Firearms Instructor School


Course Fee:  $100

The objective of this course is to equip the student with the expertise to develop and administer departmental firearms programs. Successful completion of the course will also qualify the participant for certification to instruct in basic training and in-service programs.
Subject material includes the legal responsibilities of a range master, legal and moral use of deadly force, vicarious liability, nomenclature, care and maintenance of the modern handgun, gun battle statistics, teaching single and double action shooting, range management and record keeping, and methods of instructing various revolver, shotgun, semi-automatic handgun courses. Range exercises include police combat courses. Students are required to pass a written examination, demonstrate the ability to function as a range master, fire an average of 95% in three consecutive firings of the Handgun Qualification Course (HQC), and fire an 80% on the Handgun Night Qualification Course (NHQC) to successfully enter the course. PREREQUISITE: CANDIDATES MUST ACHIEVE AN AVERAGE SCORE OF 95% OR BETTER DURING THREE (3) PRE-QUALIFYING RUNS OF THE HQC1 IN THE MORNING OF THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS TO BE ADMITTED INTO THE COURSE. CANDIDATES MUST ALSO ACHIEVE A SCORE OF 80% OR BETTER IN THE NHQC AND SAFELY HANDLE THEIR FIREARMS THROUGHOUT THE COURSE TO SUCCESSFULLY MEET CLASS REQUIREMENTS.

Instructor: Academy Staff                                                                                                                                    Attendance: 20

Handcuffing Instructor School


Course Fee:  $325     Recert. Fee:  $150

This intense and comprehensive three (3) day course is designed for law enforcement personnel that have or will have the responsibility of teaching proper/undated handcuffing techniques.  The techniques presented are practical and effective.  Topics to be covered include the safety approach and positioning for handcuffing, handcuffing resistive subjects, removing  handcuffs, and the use of various type of cuffs, among others.  Upon successful completion of the testing criteria, students will be certified as instructors, which allows them to train, certify and recertify others in the Handcuffing Basic Course.  This is a hands-on course, and all trainees must be in good physical condition.  Required equipment:  belt, handcuff case, quality handcuffs, and key.  Dress code for all 3 days:  Comfortable, loose clothing for physical activity (BDU's/Sweatpants).  The recertification of current instructors will occur on the second day.  A MEDICAL CLEARANCE IS REQUIRED!


Instructor: Tactical Control & Restraint                                                                                                                            Attendance: 30


Heavy Truck Enforcement


Course Fee:  $20

Conducted by the New Jersey State Police Truck Inspection Team, this seminar focuses on applicable motor vehicle laws regarding trucks, how to conduct a walk-around inspection, and more!

Instructor: New Jersey State Police                                                                                                                                Attendance: 40

High Technology Investigations​


Class is full.  Interested officers will be waitlisted.

Course Fee:  $100

This redesigned course will include a full week of hands-on computer training. The topics covered in this class will include: hardware recognition, wireless network technology, how the internet works, swatting investigations, Peer 2 Peer investigations, an Overview of Computer Forensic techniques and software. Also being covered will be the use of various types of Social Media to aid with investigations and intelligence gathering. An extensive overview of how cellular telephones work and what types of evidence can be derived from the physical device and toll billing records. As well as legal considerations and what appropriate orders are needed to acquire the information needed to further an investigation.                                                                                     

Instructor:  Academy staff                                                                                                                                            Attendance: 40

Immigration Enforcement & ​​Identity Documents​


Course Fee:  $20

This three-hour course provides a basic overview of immigration enforcement for the law enforcement community. It covers the various groups of immigrants commonly encountered by the patrol officer and detective during the normal course of their duties, as well as the tools available to properly identify a foreign national and notify ICE pursuant to any arrest involving them. It also provides instruction on how to comply with the New Jersey Attorney General’s Directive 2007-3 regarding the arrest of suspected illegal aliens. In addition, the course provides an in-depth, hands-on instruction regarding the identification of authentic and fraudulent immigration identity documents.
Instructor: US Immigration/Customs Enforcement                                                                                                        Attendance: 40

Internal Affairs


Course fee:  $40

This two-day course is designed to provide law enforcement officers with an overview of New Jersey’s internal affairs process and its purpose within law enforcement agencies. The program will outline the basic steps that should be followed when conducting internal investigations of misconduct by department personnel and will focus on procedural issues. Some of the topics that will be covered will include: the rights of a citizen filing a complaint, the rights of an officer subject to a complaint, a review of the New Jersey Attorney General’s Internal Affairs Policy and Procedures, and recommendations to reduce citizen complaints. Registration is limited to Gloucester county officers only!

Instructor: Glouc. Co. Pros. Office Spec. Invest. Unit                                              Attendance: 40

Investigation of Motorcycle Crashes

Course Fee:  -0-

This course is designed for experienced traffic crash investigators who have a good working knowledge of the techniques and applications of formulas taught in basic crash investigation courses and who wish to build upon that foundation with more advanced mathematical formulas used to analyze motorcycle crashes.  Various field tests will be conducted showing students a variety of motorcycle skids, accelerations and slide-to-stop drag factors.  Attendees will learn how to photograph skids and examine the subsequent effects that skids have on tires and surfaces.  Through these tests, students will gain valuable first-hand knowledge that can be beneficial in court proceedings.  Topics include:  analyzing and interpreting the motorcycle crash scene, determining acceleration and deceleration, interpreting the operator factor, analyzing and interpreting modes of instability and handling characteristics in motorcycles, and much more.  Required equipment:  scientific calculator and traffic template.  Prerequisites:  Completion of Crash Investigation I, Crash Investigation II and Traffic Crash ReconstructionNew Jersey officers will be given preference over out-of-state officers in the registration process.

 Instructor:   IPTM Staff                                                                                                                             Attendance:  30





Course Fee:  $80


This 32-hour course emphasizes the use of verbal and non-verbal behavior in interview and in-terrogation. Topics include Physiological and Psychological Factors in Stress, Psychology of Interviewing, Non-Verbal Behavior, Non-Verbal and Verbal Behavior in Deception, Stress and Behavior, Neurolinguistic Programming, Facial Expressions in Deceit, and more!                                                                               

Instructor: Academy Staff                                                                                                                     Attendance: 40

MEB Instructor Course


Course Fee:  $40

This two-day, highly dynamic, instructor-level course is like no other because it provides students with useful defensive skills in all three zones of defense, especially for close quarter battles (CQB). It relies heavily on practical hands-on applications and is intended for first responders who want instruction in the proper uses of straight batons (expandable or rigid) used for self-defense and subject-control for escort and handcuffing. Students must bring a straight baton, holder, duty belt, handcuffs with key, and BDU clothing. A medical clearance is required.                                                                                    

Instructor: Academy Staff                                                                                                                      Attendance: 20

Methods of Instruction

Session 1:  1/22/18-1/26/18 - SESSION FILLED!

Session 2:  4/30/18-5/4/18 - SESSION FILLED!

Session 3:  8/20/18-8/24/18-SESSION FILLED!

Session 4:  11/26/18-11/30/18- SESSION FILLED!


Course fee:  $100

​​This class is a Police Training Commission approved course designed for officers who plan to teach at police schools and/or in their respective departments.
Topics include selecting appropriate teaching methods, establishing goals and performance objectives, and constructing lesson plans. An overview of the principles of learning, classroom management, and the selection and use of training aids will also be discussed. Each student is required to plan & present to the class two lessons on police related topics: one is a 15 minute presentation; the other is a 30 minute presentation and requires the use of training aids. Presentations will be evaluated by the trainee, the instructor, and class members. The jacket and tie academy dress code is strictly enforced in this class, and full attendance for all five days is mandatory.

Instructor: Academy Staff                                                                                                                                                     Attendance: 18

Mi​ssing Children Investig​ations


Course Fee:  $40


Missing children investigations are time sensitive and require a multi-disciplinary approach. These investigations require a quick, organized response to assure the safe recovery of the victim. This course will cover all aspects of missing children investigations from the first response to the investigation. The course will leave the attendee with the understanding of the severity in handling these cases in a timely fashion and with an organized response to assure success in recovery.

Instructor: Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office                                                                                                       Attendance: 40

Modified Radar Instructor Course


Course Fee:  $60

This class, which is 24 hours in length, is designed for those who wish to instruct radar and already have completed a Police Training Commission approved Methods of Instruction course. Training includes field operations and practical exercises that will prepare the officer who specializes in traffic enforcement. Objectives procedure, operation, and report preparation are some of the various phases which will be discussed in detail. Instructor candidates require a minimum of two (2) years as a radar operator with their department and completion of Methods of Instruction.

Instructor: Academy Staff                                                                                                                                       Attendance:  40


Monadnock Defensive Tactics Training System Course-Safariland Training Group

Session 1:  3/12/18-3/13/18 or Session 2:  9/4/18-9/5/18

Course Fee:  $40

This two-day, highly dynamic course shows students who to use their hands, elbows, knees, and feet for protection against an attack, especially in close quarter battles.  It relies heavily on practical hands-on applications and is intended for first responders who warrant instruction in how to use their personal weapons for self-defense and subject control for escort and handcuffing.  The class format combines the proven effectiveness of the Basic Monadnock Defensive Tactics System Course.  This program is taught by leading experts who have real-world experience in both psychomotor skill programs and field applications for those skills.  This program involves practical exercises, and a medical clearance is required!  REQUIRED EQUIPMENT:  NOTEBOOK, WORKOUT CLOTHING, SNEAKERS (NO BOOTS!), BELT WITH HANDCUFF CASE, HANDCUFFS, AND HANDCUFF KEYS.  A medical clearance is required.

 Instructor:  Academy Staff                                                                                                                                  Attendance:  30


Pedestrian​/Bicycle Crash Investigation
Course Fee:  -0-

Pedestrian and bicycle crashes are one of the most frequent types of injurious crashes in urban areas.  Because of their unique nature, special techniques are required to investigate and reconstruct these incidents.  This course addresses the special dynamics involved in pedestrian and bicycle traffic crashes.  From reaction times to victim injury analysis to environmental factors, students will learn to recognize and interpret the evidence and correlate it with the collision sequence. Topics include:  pedestrian crash problems and impact dynamics, types of data; collection of data, pedestrian conspicuity, reaction time/human factors, reconstruction techniques, bicycle collision analysis, and hit and run investigation techniques.  Required Equipment:  scientific calculator and traffic template.  Prerequisites:  Crash Investigation I, Crash Investigation II, and Traffic Crash Reconstruction.  New Jersey officers will be given preference over out-of-state officers in the registration process.



Instructor:  IPTM Staff                                                                                                                                                   Attendance: 30



Physical Fitness Instructor Course


Course Fee:  $100

This 40-hour, Police Training Commission accredited course prepares an officer to gain certification as a physical training instructor. Students will learn the implementation of the Police Training Commission Physical Conditioning program. Instructional topics include fitness levels, physical fitness assessments, exercise physiology, substance abuse, diet and nutrition, and more. Physical Fitness sessions will be conducted daily. A MEDICAL CLEARANCE IS REQUIRED!

Instructor: Academy Staff                                                                                                                                    Attendance: 40

​Prescription Drugs Investigation & Trends


Course Fee:  -0-

This eight-hour training is presented by Purdue Pharmaceuticals. Instructors are retired law enforcement officers with experience investigating crime associated with pharmaceutical drug diversion. Generally, the course will cover prescription drug identification, lawful prescribing, abuse and diversion, and RxPatrol. Presenters will discuss specific charges to file in our state. Specifically, the class will focus on trends surrounding abuse, terminology, and investigation tips on various types of diversion crimes; OxyContin abuse; national overviews on the abuse of prescription drugs, including specific case examples; and an overview of RxPatrol, an on-line pharmacy database used in pharmacy crime.

Instructor: Purdue Pharma                                                                                                                             Attendance: 40

Recertification Classes

Session 1:  1/18/18

Session 2:  2/15/18

Session 3:  3/22/18 - Session filled!

Session 4:  4/19/18-Session filled!

Session 5:  5/10/18-Session Filled!

​Session 6:  6/28/18-Limited Availability

Session 7:  7/26/18

Session 8:  8/16/18 - Session Filled!​

Session 9:  9/6/18​-Session Filled!

Session 10:  10/11/18-Session Filled!

Session 11:  11/1/18-Session filled!

Session 12:  12/13/18

Course Fee:  -0- (In-County Officers)  and $20  (Out-of-'County Officers)

This 8-hour course has been standardized to include those topics that are either required or recommended by the New Jersey Attorney General's Office. All officers will attend Use of Force Policy, Vehicular Pursuit Policy, Domestic Violence, and Bloodborne Pathogens.  This course is offered 12 times per year to accommodate your department's shift schedule.

Instructor: Academy Staff                                                                                                                                         Attendance: 40

Report Writing


Course Fee:  $40


This sixteen (16) hour course will provide a foundation for law enforcement professionals in basic English skills and expertise in writing investigative narratives. The class addresses the qualities of a good report and outlines the areas of information covered by a clear, concise, well-written police narrative. Students will learn to incorporate English grammar and composition skills with proven effective police report writing techniques and strategies. The course also em-phasizes the importance of correct English composition for accurate police reports. Practice exercises are provided to afford the students an opportunity to put into use the concepts and techniques presented. NOTE: ON THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS, ALL STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO BRING TWO EXAMPLES OF THEIR OWN POLICE REPORTS(NARRATIVE ONLY!) AND A RED PEN.

Instructor: Academy Staff                                                                                                                                   Attendance: 40

Sex Crimes Investigation


Course Fee:  $40

This 16-hour class demonstrates the practices and procedures in the delicate investigation of rape, molestation, etc. Course topics include medical and forensic issues in sex crimes investigations, adult victims of sexual assault, sexual offender profiles, the role of DYFS, interviewing victims and children, interview/interrogation, and scenarios in sex crimes investigation.

Instructor: Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office                                                                                            Attendance: 40

Special Officer I


Course Fee:  $200 (In-County Officers) and $250  (Out-of-County Officers)

Evening Class

The Special Officer I class consists of approximately 80 hours of classwork and includes training in PR-24, handcuffing, disorderly persons offenses, first aid and various patrol concepts. Classes are scheduled during evening hours on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Upon graduation, students will be PTC certified Class One Special Officers.

Instructor: Academy Staff                                                                                                                                    Attendance: 40

Special Officer II


​Course Fee:  $350  (In-County Officers) and $600 (Out-of-County Officers)

Evening Class

The Special Officer II class consists of training mandated by the Police Training Commission.  Upon a full-time hire, graduates are eligible for the standardized waiver of training from the Police Training Commission.  Classes are scheduled during evening hours, 6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and some course work occurs on weekends.  Firearms and EVOC training are conducted during the day, and each topic runs for an entire week (40 hours).   Applicants must have the same qualifications as a regular officer and be appointed as a special officer II before attendance will be approved.  ​

Instructor: Academy Staff                                                                                                                                Attendance: 40

Street Survival


Course Fee:  $80


This four day course is designed to better prepare law enforcement personnel for violent situa-tion they may encounter. Topics to be discussed include: “Warrior” Mindset, Tactical Decision Making under Stress, Situational Awareness, and Use of Force. Survival techniques will focus on crimes in progress, as well as motor vehicle stops. Handcuffing, defensive tactics and the use of impact weapons and chemical agents will also be included. The last two days will focus on practical exercises with scenarios utilizing “force on force.” Note: This is a hands-on course, and all trainees must be in good physical condition. A MEDICAL CLEARANCE IS REQUIRED!

Instructor: Academy Staff                                                                                                                              Attendance: 20

Supervision School

Session 1:  4/23/18-5/4/18-SESSION FILLED!! or Session 2:  9/24/18-10/5/18-SESSION FILLED!

Course Fee:  $200


T​his course focuses on the identification and explanation of theories relative to supervision and leadership. This class should be mandatory for first-line supervisors, as well as field training officers and coaches. The course draws upon material from police supervision courses by such authors as Iannone, Bennett, and Hess. Topics covered include, but are not limited to, The Role of Management and Leadership in Law Enforcement, Motivation Decision Making and Problem Solving, Ethics, Cultural Diversity, Subordinate’s Perception of Equity, Supervisor’s Liability, Leadership, Supervision and Command Presence, Internal Affairs for the First-Line Supervisor, Handling Critical Incidents, and the Role of the Supervisor. Students successfully completing this class are eligible for three undergraduate or three graduate level credits at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Instructor: Academy Staff                                                                                                                                             Attendance: 30

Traffic Crash Reconstruction



Course Fee:  -0-

This class builds upon IPTM's Advanced Traffic Crash Investigation course by assisting officers further in understanding vehicle dynamics. Students will take part in a more intense study of time/distance calculations, angular momentum, and impact speed calculations using momentum equations. Topics include: derivation and origin of the commonly used speed formulas, speed of vehicles at impact using conservation of linear momentum, behavior of vehicles in a collision using Newton's three laws of motion, discussions of commercial vehicle and motorcycle dynamics in collisions, and the determination of direction of travel, initial contact and position of vehicles on the roadway. Prerequisite: IPTM's Advanced Traffic Crash Investigation (80 hours) course or its equivalent.  Equivalent is successful completion of Crash I and Crash II.  New Jersey officers will be given preference over out-of-state officers in the registration process:

Instructor: Academy Staff                                                                                                                                           Attendance: 30​​​