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29 Interns Begin Their ‘Careers’ Through Gloucester County Internship Scholarship Program

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Date: 9/29/2016

For Immediate Release: September 29, 2016
  Freeholder Director Robert M. Damminger (856-853-3395) or
Freeholder Lyman Barnes (856-853-3380)

29 interns begin their 'careers' through Gloucester County Internship Scholarship Program

(Woodbury, NJ) – Twenty-nine incoming freshman at Rowan College at Gloucester County (RCGC) have begun their career experience in county government. 

Freeholder Director Robert M. Damminger and Freeholder Lyman Barnes, Liaison to Education, said that the students who have all qualified for a full tuition and fees free year at RCGC are starting their placements as the inaugural class participating in the Gloucester County Internship Scholarship Program. 

Freeholder Director Damminger said, "We are excited to welcome these students into our working world where they will get hands on experience in their career fields and where they will not have to worry about the cost of college for at least one year, and hopefully two."

The Gloucester County Internship Scholarship Program could allow for these students to receive two full years of schooling for free and move into a four-year program at half the cost of a traditional four-year degree.  

Freeholder Barnes said that the students have been through a rigorous application process, have participated in a professional development workshop and will get right down to business in the fields of accounting, chemistry, business, healthcare, and engineering to name a few.

Barnes said, "This intern scholarship program accomplishes many objectives, but first and foremost it will give our bright students an understanding of the qualifications and duties involved in a specific profession or field, enabling them to make career decisions.  It will also support these students as they apply and test knowledge learned in the classroom to a professional work environment.  College is expensive and offering this free tuition and fees program will help take some financial burden off our students and their families."

"We have designed this Internship Scholarship Program so it is meaningful for the students," said Barnes.  "This will not be paper pushing," Barnes said, "We are expecting them to fully participate in their placements with support and guidance from their site-supervisors and from RCGC.  Provided these interns meet all their requirements including maintaining their GPA, the Internship Scholarship is renewable for a second year."

"The College and the County are working closely together, committed to making a quality education affordable to the residents of Gloucester County," said Dr. Frederick Keating, president of Rowan College at Gloucester County. "This new scholarship provides each of the 29 scholarship recipients with approximately $10,000 in tuition savings in addition to providing career training, which will certainly be a bonus on their resumes. The scholarship benefits both the student and the community, enriching Gloucester County's workforce."

The placements for the first year are in the following departments and agencies.  Several offices have more than one intern assigned.

County Offices

Accounting Intern, Treasurer's Office                                    

Accounting Intern, Division of Social Services

Economic Development Intern, Department of Economic Development

Emergency Response-911 Communications Intern, Department of Emergency Response

Engineering/Planning Intern, Department of Public Works

Health and Human Services Intern, Department of Health and Human Services

Land and Property Intern, Assessor's Office/Office of Land Preservation

Parks and Recreation Intern, Department of Parks & Recreation

Rutgers Cooperative Extension Intern, Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Gloucester Co.

Social Services Intern, Division of Social Services

Workforce Development Intern, Workforce Investment Board – One Stop


Gloucester County Improvement Authority

Nursing Intern, Shady Lane Nursing Home

Gloucester County Utilities Authority

Business Administration Intern

Chemistry Intern

Wastewater Engineering Intern

Gloucester County Library System

Library Intern

Private Industry

LAMATEK, Inc.                                                                                                                                                           

Online Marketing, Development & Graphic Design Intern