Rowan College at Gloucester County

Sixteen GCIT Collegiate Scholar Seniors on Track to Receive Their Associate Degree

College Relations, Communications, and Marketing
Dyanna Dessicino
Sewell, NJ
PR 043
Date: 2/28/2019

In 2017, Gloucester County Institute of Technology (GCIT) and Rowan College of Gloucester County (RCGC) collaborated to form the GCIT & RCGC Collegiate High School program, enabling three GCIT seniors to graduate that summer with a high school diploma and an associate degree, and numerous others to earn credits towards a college degree at no cost. In 2018 the number of GCIT dual graduates rose to five students; in 2019, sixteen GCIT seniors are on track to receive their associate degree at the end of the spring semester alongside their high school diploma.

The GCIT & RCGC Collegiate High School program offers students the opportunity to enroll at both institutions during their senior year. Select GCIT programs offer an RCGC Dual Enrollment option within the standard curriculum, enabling students to earn up to 30 college credits at no cost. Students who wish to earn more than 30 credits before high school graduation can enroll in RCGC’s High School Option program, saving them 65 percent on college tuition and fees and – for the truly dedicated – providing a means to graduate high school with enough college credits to earn an associate degree. This partnership establishes a pathway for earning college credit at a significant cost savings, provides early exposure to a collegiate environment and places students a step closer to obtaining an advanced degree upon completion of high school.

“The dedicated students of the GCIT and RCGC Collegiate High School program have made a valuable investment by attending RCGC at such a young age – an investment that will pay dividends upon high school graduation, placing them one step closer to obtaining an advanced degree at a significant savings. We are pleased to offer opportunities such as this to current high school students as part of our mission to provide all students with the education and personalized guidance required on the path to success within their chosen field,” stated Dr. Keating, President of RCGC.

On February 27, 2019, both institutions officially unveiled the new home of the GCIT & RCGC Collegiate High School program for the public to view. The space, located on the second floor of RCGC’s Student Services building, holds five designated classrooms for the more than 250 GCIT students enrolled at the College this year. In addition, the building houses dedicated study areas and a private lounge for GCIT students. Students are safely transported via shuttle to and from RCGC, GCIT staff are present to teach the Collegiate High School courses and an RCGC advisor is always available to help develop a customized academic plan that enables each student to earn as many credits as they choose to pursue. Students participating in the program complete an average of 29 credits prior to their high school graduation.

Freeholder Director Robert M. Damminger said, "Once again the access to quality educational opportunities has been expanded through this partnership.  As the high school and collegiate experiences continue to evolve, GCIT, RCGC and Rowan University are proactive to ensure our students have pathways to achieve and succeed while lessening their likeliness for drowning in student debt beyond graduation."

This spring, 27 Gloucester County high school seniors will graduate from RCGC with an associate degree – 16 of them from GCIT. This tremendous success is due to the hard work and forward thinking of these students, along with the staff and administration of both institutions. RCGC will honor growing number of dedicated young men and women who have demonstrated academic excellence as students at RCGC while concurrently enrolled in high school at their High School Collegiate Scholars Ceremony, held on May 9, 2019.

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