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Rowan College Accepts Generous STEM Donation

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Date: 5/1/2015

Pictured left to right are: David Slack, Williamstown resident Guiliana Campo, Glassboro resident Anna-Kay Tenn and Professor Robert Rossi.

In what has become a generous routine, philanthropist David Slack of Mullica Hill has once again gifted a valuable donation to Rowan College at Gloucester County.

His most recent contribution, five new gas chromatographs for the STEM Program, is valued at roughly $2000 per unit. The intricate pieces are integral instruments used in analytical chemistry, allowing chemists, or in this case students, to examine gaseous compounds down to its basic elements or test the purity of individual components.

"Because of Mr. Slack's very generous donation of five Mini-Gas Chromatography modules for use with our Vernier LabQuest Data Collection units," said Associate Professor of Chemistry Robert Rossi, "all students will now have direct hands-on access to state-of-the-art technology for the separation and identification of the chemical components in a mixture."

"Knowledge of and hands-on experience with this technique is expected of our graduates, and because of this donation," he continued, "we are now able to deliver this important skill base to our students."

"It is essential for the STEM division at RCGC to provide hands-on training and experience using scientific equipment effectively," added STEM Dean Brenden Rickards. "This substantial donation provides the STEM faculty with the ability to deliver this type of direct training to each and every student enrolled in our chemistry courses.  This donation will continue to allow the growth of the STEM division to help provide exceptional education and training opportunities to RCGC students for years to come."

Slack, a Princeton University alum, had previously created a scholarship endowment in memory of his wife Kathleen L. Slack. In 2013, he contributed an additional $40,000 in scholarship assistance to RCGC students.

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