Rowan College at Gloucester County

RCGC March Art Show - Abstract and Naturalistic Expression On Exhibit

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Deptford Twp.
Date: 3/13/2015

​​Four accomplished artists will showcase their various celebrated works at Rowan College at Gloucester County, Friday, March 27 in the Dr. Ross Beitzel Art Gallery.

Local artists Erin Endicott, Sharyn O'Mara, Cheryl Knowles-Harrigan and Michael Waters will be presenting their naturalistic, abstract and curious visionary work during the opening ceremony, which takes place from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Endicott, a Moore College of Art and Design graduate and recipient of a 2012 New Jersey State Council on the Arts Fellowship, will exhibit her wonderfully meticulous "stitch and ink" designs that bring her own personal lineage together.

"My history is literally woven into these garments," she said in an interview with Anagnorisis Fine Art, NYC fine arts curator Samantha Levin. "The initial marks of the 'wounds' are created by staining the fabric with walnut ink. I love using this natural dye for the subtle color variations and the warm earthy tones. Ink on fabric has a mind of its own – it takes the control away from me and does its own thing. It is magical to drop the ink onto damp fabric and literally watch the "wound" grow and take shape before my eyes."

O'Mara, an associate professor and head of the glass program at Tyler School of Art of Temple University, explores an immeasurable multitude of styles and forces in her work, as exhibited by her profound project "Co-pilot."

The large-scale digital image series looks at "objects, materials, and phenomena that are generally overlooked or swept away in the course of daily living," according to O'Mara. The combined elements are structured into a more grand display, making each miniscule component and molecular composite of the entire piece.

"Co-pilot" stands firm as one of O'Mara's more grand spectacles, largely contrasting her majorly minimalist approach to fine art and sketching which is also on display in a residency for Schema Projects in New York.

Knowles-Harrigan, an associate professor of art at Atlantic Cape Community College, brings her naturalist watercolor and oil designs, which imbue effortless impressionist styles into remarkably vivid orchestrations.

Atlantic City native Michael Waters will also be displaying his vibrant works, which capture the colorful expressionist visions of his world travels. And while his work may appear outwardly sporadic, Waters notes there's a "deliberate" process to it all.

"My method is deliberate yet is an ultimately spontaneous result of my instincts," he said. "The process of the creation of the work becomes imbedded in the result as it overtakes any preconceived idea I may have had when I started. The initial sketch underlying the work only serves as the point of departure and becomes far less important than the transformation that occurs during the creation."

The exhibition will be open to the public Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. and on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. until May 8. For more information, call 856-415-2122.