Rowan College at Gloucester County

DancElectric Announces 2015 Fundraiser Show

College Relations, Communications, and Marketing
Date: 2/13/2015

​For nearly 20 years, South Jersey non-profit dance troupe DancElectric has been wowing audiences with inspired, lively showcases combining elements of ballet, tap, jazz and a myriad of other dance styles. In that time, DancElectric has also been an active contributor to Rowan College at Gloucester County (RCGC), raising over $54,400 in annual scholarship donations. The troupe will return again April 25 for its newest fundraiser show, continuing that effort.

This year's performance, taking place in the Fine Arts Center, will blend jazz, tap, ballet, lyrical, modern, hip hop and Irish Step in a wondrous cavalcade in creative entertainment. The group itself is comprised of volunteer mothers, daughters and wives from across southern New Jersey, created by the Corinne Gangi Dance Center in Pitman. Corinne, alongside her husband and former Gloucester County College professor Raymond, originally initiated the fundraiser.

The majority of the funds raised will go directly to the Rowan College Foundation at Gloucester County, with some proceeds contributed to the DancElectric $500 academic scholarship and the $250 book scholarship. Both scholarships will be awarded to students involved in the arts, consisting of music, drama or dance.

Tickets are $18 per person in advance and $20 at the door and can be purchased at the Corrine Gangi Dance Center or by calling (856) 589-4840. For more information on scholarships and the Rowan College Foundation, visit or visit the Corinne Gangi Dance Center website at