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Christopher C. Holmes Memorial Scholarship Increases

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Deptford Twp.
Date: 1/12/2015

​​​Deptford Twp. – Proud Rowan College at Gloucester County advocates and Woolrich residents Richard and Judith Holmes have continued their family’s generous donations to the Christopher C. Holmes Memorial Scholarship – named in honor of their late son.

Established in 2014, the Holmes family provided an initial $25,000 fund to the scholarship, which increased to an amiable $80,000 by the end of the year thanks to further donations from the family, friends and colleagues. Housed under the Rowan College Foundation at Gloucester County, the scholarship originally provided a minimum of $1250 annually to assist tuition costs for any Gloucester County resident and non-traditional student of RCGC. With the new increase of funds, the endowment is expected to annually provide $3,500, an amount almost sufficient to provide tuition of a student annually to Rowan College at Gloucester County.

To qualify, non-traditional students – as defined by RCGC – must be at least 21 years of age studying full-time. Students must be in their first or second year and currently enrolled in college-level courses with a minimum GPA of 3.0, although those who have not yet taken college courses may apply if they have maintained at least a B average in high school.

Applicants who qualify must then submit a short essay about career objectives, and include a recommendation from a RCGC faculty member or counselor. High school students planning to enroll in the College may include a recommendation from a high school teacher, counselor, employee or other appropriate individual. An unofficial transcript or high school record is also required.

“We chose Gloucester County College [now Rowan College at Gloucester County] to receive this endowment because three members of the family have taken advantage of the course offerings here,” Richard Holmes said. “We believe community colleges represent the most cost effective education possible and are ideal for non-traditional students.”

“All we ask of the students who receive this scholarship is the same thing we asked of Christopher, his brother, and his sister,” added Judith Holmes. “To exert their very best effort to succeed,
and when they do, to whenever and wherever possible ‘pay it forward.’”

Rowan College at Gloucester County is located at 1400 Tanyard Road in Deptford, just off Exit 56 of Route 55.   ​