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Information Literacy

​​Information literacy, the ability to locate, evaluate and use information from a variety of sources, is one of the most important skills students will develop during their college experience.​ It ties into the following Rowan College Core Competencies as well.


Core Competencies

Solve Probl​​ems

  • Critical Thinking and Information Literacy: The ability to access, analyze, synthesize, evaluate and apply information from a variety of sources to make sound decisions.


Share Information

  • Computer/Technological Literacy: The ability to use technology for research, information processing and communication.


WebQuest Projects

The WebQuest Projects listed below are alternative assignments to the Information Literacy Workbook and will expose students to research using Web Catalogs (OPACs), online databases for periodical and newspaper articles, websites and even some print resources located in the Library. WebQuests are inquiry-oriented activities enabling students to analyze, criticize and assess the information they find. This website has been developed as part of the COM101 English Composition classes to teach information literacy skills and ultimately promote lifelong learning among students attending Rowan College.

Another Information Literacy Assignment is writing or revising an article for Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. To view some sample projects from a COM101 class, click the Wikipedia Article Assignment link below:

Information Literacy Projects

  • Stay Connected