​​​Bachelors & Bachelorettes

​( & Voice Actors too! )​

Alejandro Saab


"Do you like guessing games? Let's see how many of these you can figure out! I have been a detective, a spy, an (athletic!) tsundere prince, a love-seeking high school stude​nt (not to be confused with that one time I was a cheerleader), a mayor... and I can even -abridge- some works if you're short on time! Bet you can't guess what else I do!"

Your mind is a swirl of emotion and intrigue. You know that you are speaking to the man behind Leonhard von Glanzreich (The Royal Tutor), Laurence (Izetta: The Last Witch), Soichiro Suzuki (Cheer Boys!!), Naomasa Tsukauchi (My Hero Academia), and more recently Junichi (My First Girlfriend is a Gal), but there is certainly more to him than meets the eye. What else lies belo​w his fierce exterior?

Ask him to draw you something

Search for KaggyFilms on YouTube

    ​ Watch one of his videos

Daman​​​ Mills

Daman Mills.JPG  

"Yes, I am Daman Mills - and you could say that I am quite... the Lionheart! I have been all over the United States in my life - including Hawaii, New York City, and even New Jersey for Kotoricon! Recently I have spent time as a prisoner, ​a misunderstood prince, a mobile suit pilot, and yet I still find time to aspire to be the -perfect- voice actor​! And that’s not all - did I mention that I a​m also a famous ice skating coach?"

You find yourself impressed by Daman's clever wordplay. Memories of Jyugo(Nanbaka!),​ Yzak Joule (Gundam Seed & Seed Destiny Remaster), Monaka (Dragon Ball Super), Yakov Feltsman (Yuri!!! On Ice), Leonardo Lionheart (RWBY),  and Kai von Glanzreich (The Royal Tutor) flood your mind... and surely there must be more that he is not telling you. With such an overpowering blend of personality, you are po​werless to resist. The correct choice is obvious.​

  ❥ Ask Daman Mills how he undertook so many roles so quickly

  ❥ Go watch more anime starring Daman Mills

  ❥ Swoon ​

   ☛​ Faint in front of Daman Mills

James Carter Cathc​​​art


"Oooo yeah I'm Jaaaaaames And I voice James! But that's not aaaaaaall! I can siiiing And play the piano toooooo! Don't be appalled!"

You feel yourself drifting away on the lofty tones of James' voice. It is as though you are floating on a cloud of comfort and humanity. Under the spell of the voice that gave life to Gary Oak, a talking Meowth, and Kit Kat Bars, you understand that such lyrical genius is only expected of the man who writes the English scripts for the Pokemon series. How is one to respond to such prowess?

 ❥ Forget that he also voiced Weevil Underwood in Yu-Gi-Oh

 ❥ Ask him how much he practices to be so good at what he does

     ☛ Get lost in his rock n' roll ​

Jamie McGon​​nigal​


​"I am very busy right now! Don't you know who I am? Why, I am Jamie McGonnigal that's who! I have been invited to every Kotoricon since 2010, and when I am not at home in Washington D.C. I spend my time fighting for truth, justice, and equality around the world! Now if you don't mind, I must be on my way!"

This man is obviously in a rush, just as you feel your blood rush every time you see his face. Did you want to ask him about Pokemon (where he voiced the equally-harried Barry)? Or was it Viva Pinata (where he went by Teddington Twingersnap)? You need to choose your next words wisely...

Ask him about his advocacy for AIDS awareness

Ask him about his work as a director and producer

Be intimidated like a startled Whismur and say nothing 

   ☛Cause an uproar

​​​Michaela A​manda Laws​​

m laws.jpg​​

"Well what can I say? I love telling stories, and I've always been a creative-type! Ever heard of "Seduce Me?" I wrote it. I directed it. I even acted in it! Why? Because I wanted to, that's why! Geez, you act like I'm some kind of "hopeless romantic" or something. I’ve done other voices too! Which character was my favorite to voice? Well Yandere-Chan of course!"

What is this mysterious feeling you feel? Certainly you have heard of Diana (Seduce Me & Seduce Me 2: The Demon War), Rosa (Remember, Remember), Mameha Kurosaki (Vanity High), and Yandere-Chan (Yandere Simulator).Well you better have, at least. What are your options?

  Consider yourself seduced

  Ask her if she can sing too (SHE CAN)​

      ​ Tell her that you're a demon who has come to steal her soul

Natalie Hoover


"Hey there!  I'm Natalie!  I don't know if you've heard of me; I'm kinda just passing through.  But I will tell you that I'm a pretty good cook (even though my cooking will probably make you put on weight), and I'll always be there to support my friends (especially if they're trying to be idols)!  Oh - then there was that time where I was a fairy-tale themed goddess... I'm really kinda all over the place..."

You are obviously impressed by Natalie's eclectic mix of interests and accomplishments.  She has lent her voice to characters like Yamada (New Game!), Kinue Hayase (Masemune-Kun's Revenge), Fumiko (Love Live!), Monophanie (Danganronpa ​V3: Killing Harmony), Ayn Felice (Tales of Zesteria), and "Enchanted" Chang'e (SMITE).  As your lips begin to quiver, you wonder what other incredible feats this woman may be capable of.  The words in your heart get stuck in your throat... what is your heart saying? 

    Attend her Q&A Panel at Kotoricon 
       ​ Ask her about Voice Acting and her other work in the industry 
   ❥ Ask her for her origin story 
   ❥ Say nothing and offer her the lunch you are holding  ​

Michele Kn​​otz​

welcomtomk update.png  

"Squirtle, Squirtle!   Bulbasaur-saur!  Piplup, Pi-piii!!  Gardevoir...  Ha ha!  I fooled you, didn't I?  I'm Michele Knotz - master of disguise!  I hail from the magical land of New Jersey, and I have perfected my technique through my travels around the world!  My talents have been used to help Team Rocket in the past... but I'm not a bad person!"

You knew that you found the sounds of these various pokemon creatures suspicious, and this seems awfully like a ruse that the infamous Jessie of Team Rocket would attempt.  Still, you know that Michele is responsible for the voices of Carina (One Piece Film: Gold), Sanae Shikikagami (Ladies Versus Butlers), and many others.  It is time to decide... 

Steal her disguise out of jealousy and use it for yourself 

Nervously ask her about her future plans (nervously)​

   ☛ Give her your best Pokemon impersonation