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We are starting Pin Trading at KotoriCon. It is a great way to add to the convention ​experience! 

We will have collector pins designed by local artists and some will feature our mascots Kotori!  KotoriCon will produce the pins, sell them and trade them. By trading pins with staff, ​attendees can collect the designs that they love the most!  The pins will be available for sale at our KotoriCon Table in Artists Alley, as well as at special events.

For 2018 our theme is Romantic Love! Pin designs will be posted here in December.

​Want to be on our KotoriCon Pin ​​​Team?

Submit your design HERE! 

As a member of the KotoriCon Pin Team, you will be expected to produce art for up to 2 pins by September 15.  If you would like to apply to join the Pin Team, please get more information HERE​.

If your pin design is accepted you will be a member of our KotoriCon Pin Team.  Team members receive a copy of the pin(s) they designed for their portfolio. The pin designs will be featured on our website and in our program.​

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