​Sonnets & Serenades​​​

​The ​Slants​​


​"I'm Simon, and together with my friends Ken, Joe, and Yuya, we are The Slants! You're from New Jersey? Well we're from Portland, Oregon! And we've come to Kotoricon to show you our unique brand of music. We call it "Chinatown Dance Rock!" Oh, and did I mention that we won a case that went all the way to the United States Supreme Court? Yeah! We can now legally use the name that we made for ourselves as a Trademark! 8 years well spent, right? "

You are curious as to what this "Chinatown Dance Rock" sounds like. You are also beguiled by Simon's origin story and claims of legal prowess. You stare into the eyes of each band member... you feel your heart beating through your chest... you know what you must do.

 ❥ Book a flight to Portland, Oregon

 ❥ Buy some Slants-themed merchandise

 ☛​ Study law in an attempt to impress the band members

Spellbound Strings

spellbound strings.jpg

​"Oh.  Hello.  I'm Samantha Gillogly.  This is Sae, that's Tina, and over there is Shayne.  They call us "The Spellbound Strings."  Have you ever heard your favorite songs from movies, video games, and anime played on a quartet of string instruments?  It really is quite breathtaking - even... "Spellbinding" as some would say! "

You sense an air of tranquility emanating from these people; an air that makes you feel calm and secure like an orphaned child who has finally found acceptance in a new home.  Surely you like movies, video games, and anime, and of course you love music, but what is this strange sensation you feel? 

 ☛​ Ask the band members about their favorite songs 

 ❥ Run to the Fine Arts Center and observe their "spellbinding" performance 

 ❥ Stop by their table at Artist's Alley and "shoot the breeze" ​

The Asterplace​

"My name is Kota Tsukimoto, and I am the leader of The Asterplace. We come to Kotoricon in peace from Japan, just as we have for many years. We travel the earth to bring beauty through our music. "As the sun shines upon the world, as the moonlight upon the atmosphere, The Asterplace projects their music to the world." Is that not... poetic?"

Enchanted by the enigma he exudes, your mind is a mishmash of mystery, fascination, and general befuddlement. Despite the questions that burn the inner recesses of your psyche, you feel a certain familiarity with him. Almost as if... you already know him... The choice is yours.

Ask him where you can buy merchandise to support the band

Visit the Fine Arts Center on Saturday and witness their performance

 Challenge Kota to a "Cola Contest"




"Hi, I'm Kazuha, and this is my band, Kazha! All the way from Japan! I play with Hideki, my guitarist, and myself on vocals and bass. Have we been here before? Yes! In 2016! But we came back because we missed Kotoricon! And you!"​​

You feel a strange longing in your heart. The same longing that Kazuha must have felt before she finally formed the rock band of her dreams in 2009. Your mind imagines what it must have been like to tour across Europe and Asia, playing the music that will fill the gaping void in your soul. What will you do?

   Go watch Kazha's show in the Fine Arts Center

   Visit Kazha's table in Kotoricon's Artist's Alley & buy a T-Shirt ​and DVD for your collection

    ​ Fangirl    

Hoh​ Daiko Tai​ko

ho daiko.jpg "HI *thwump* WE *thwump* ARE *thwump* HOH *thwump* DAIKO *twump* TAIKO *thwump thwump*!! We come from the Seabrook Buddhist Temple to get people PUMPED UP and energized with our drumming! *thwump thwump thwump* Have we made your heart beat faster yet?! *thwump* GOOD NOW YOU’RE FEELING IT!"

As your pulse begins to increase with the beat of the drum, you can feel your feet start to shift and your arms move on their own.  You are aware that the Taiko Drum is one of the most easily-recognized exports from "The Land of the Rising Sun," but you have never heard what an entire legion of them might sound like.  What do you do? 

   Ponder how they can beat such big drums with such small sticks

  ❥ Sit in the Fine Arts Center early on Saturday and watch the drummers in action 

  ❥​ Learn some traditional dances for the OBON Festival at Seabrook Buddhist Temple​