KotoriCon Overview

  • KotoriCon started in January 2010  

  • It is organized by college students in the Japanese Anime Guild Plus​

  • The college name changed from Gloucester County College to Rowan College at Gloucester County on July 1, 2014

  • Students, volunteers and College staff in Faciliti​es, Public Relations, Instructional Technology, Safety and Security and Student Life work with Club Adviser Susan Glenn and co-chair Ed Knorr to assist in the planning and running of​ KotoriCon 

  • Proceeds from the convention pay for all expenses incurred, with the remainder going to charity donations  

  • Kotori​ is Japanese for little bird.  The college that hosts KotoriCon has a mascot that is a blue Roadrunner, and Kotori is a baby roadrunner.  Kotori changes shape each year with our theme.  Con just refers to "convention", as in "anime convention".  

  • Kotori is designed by illustrator Alexandra Glenn-Collins, who has been the KotoriCon staff artist since we started.​

  • Wikipedia maintains an independent page about KotoriCon

Programs and Website fro​​m Previous Years

Copies of some o​f the previous programs and inserts are available on ISSUU​.​​​​​​ 

issuu pubs.JPG 

Last Year's Pro​gram

Con Attendance

2010:   ​ 350​ tickets
2011:    540 tickets
2012:      733 tickets
2013:   1,191 tickets
2014:   1,228 tickets
2015:   1,500 tickets*
2016:   1,374 tickets**
2017:   1,110 tickets

2018 is capped at 1,300 tickets

​  *2015 Capped at 1,500 Tickets and sold out
  **2016 Capped at 1,300 Tickets and sold out