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​​Japan flag-XL-anim.gifThe Japanese Anime Guild is a student run club run under Student Life.  JAG meets all year round in the College Center MiniCenter on Wednesday afternoons. Meetings in June-August start at noon and the rest of the year they run 1:30-4. Check the calendar for any changes.  JAG celebrates Japanese and other asian cultures.  We run events throughout the year for club membe​rs as well as events for the public. We make donations to charities and include a mixture of large international charities and smaller local groups.​

Major Eve​​​nts:


JAG supports, organizes and runs an annual anime convention called Kotoricon. This is a large charity fundraiser open to the public. All JAG members are encouraged to assist in the planning and running of this event.​ The Purpose & Objectives of Kotoricon are described at this link. The History of Kotoricon is here​.

Kotori's Spring Fes​​​tival

As spring approaches JAG runs a small meet up with music, games and vendors to raise money for charities. JAG members are asked to be a part of this event.

Liberty in North Korea

JAG periodically sponsors a ​presentation given by volunteer nomads who spread the word on the work being done by Liberty in North Korea. This non-profit runs a modern underground railroad assisting refugees from North Korea to escape through China and resettle in safety.

Regular Events:

​JAG is part of regular campus events every year including:

    • ​Club Day in September
    • Fall RCGC Open House in October
    • Spring RCGC Open House in March
    • regular sales of baked goods to raise money for charities
Check the calendar for upcoming events.


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