The Dealers' Room operates from 10:30​ a.m. to 7:30 p.m. ​on Saturday in the College Center.

Many of our vendors are donating items to ​the Charit​y Auction! Don't miss it!

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1. Millennium Hobbies and the Gundam Kitchen is a Japanese hobby imp​ort store, selling model kits and collectibles inspired by anime and manga. Gundams are our specialty and we want to help you cook up some gunpla fun!
2. Anime Castle
Wide and big anime merchandise selection give you a store shopping experience.
3. Lunar Toy Store is a partnered store with GoodSmile and Kotobukiya, providing authentic figures at a good price. Our website offers discounts on any preorder and free shipping in the US on any order over $150
4. CampAnime is a 3 day con run each year in Woodstock Valley, CT. It is a family friendly con with a focus on children with special needs. We cover the costs for the parent so that they can enjoy a weekend with their child in a con environment. We set up at cons throughout the year promoting the camp and sell J-Snacks to help fund it.
5. Next Level Videogames
Offering the highest quality retro games at great prices for over 10 years!
6. Sushi!
The STEM CLub at RCGC will bring you susgi from Mandarin Court Restaurant.

7. HKT Import Toys
​HKT Toys is a premier importer of Licensed Japanese Toys and Collectible

8. Stuffed Sushi is the place for deliciously adorable handmade sushi roll and onigiri plushies, super kawaii chopsticks and bento boxes, and much more! Stop by and hug a Sushi!
9. Butter Side Down
Anime and etched glass jewelry designs, mugs, glasses and vintage jewelry.
10. Manifested Dreams
Specializing in the cute, cuddly, and colorful we offer an array of crocheted plush, soy candles, Pride pillows, buttons, illustration commissions and more!

11.Sailor Meow Fashion
You know what's Sailor Meow? Sailor Uniform and cute cat cloth! We carry affordable sailor uniforms and Designer cute cloth, Swim suits and bating suits! ITA bags and other cute bags. Don't miss us and you will get all the cute stuff you never seen in your town!

​Giofano's Italian Bistro offers full cafeteria menu.