2018 Charity ​Auction​​​

Every year we receive fantastic donations of items for our Charity Auction.  

Please put it on your list of MUST DO items for KotoriCon!  Saturday at 12:30 - 1:50 on the Kawaii Stage in the Business and Corporate Center Room 500.

Co-hosted by +2 Comedy and Eoin Kinnarney

All proceeds go t​o our chari​ties​!


Donated by voice actor James Carter Cathcart, complete with Team Rocket garb, signed Meowth card and voice chip (guess who?). He also signed it in several strategic locations... Check it out!


Donated by voice actor Michele Knotz, this wonderful 10th Anniversary Pokemon poster signed by Pokemon voice actors!   

Michele Knotz wrote, "I want to thank the beautiful and wonderful Lisa Ortiz for getting everyone to sign it! And even some Indigo League voices too! ... Please please donate if you can! There are so many people without power, food, and water in Puerto Rico who need your help! Thank you so much!! " 

Procceds from this item go to the Hispanic Federation.


Two new high grade kits. Zaku Half Cannon from Gundam Origins. Cherudim Gundam from Build Fighters. Donated by Gundam Kitchen


Set of 4 moisturizing his & hers Kotori bath bombs in a gift basket.  Rose and Palo Santo scents donated by Bee's Bombs


hey you.JPG

 "I am Groot" & "Kill La Kill's Elite 4"

by  heyyouwiththeface​


Narwhale of Love! donated by PTHS

Anything Inc.JPG​​

"Anything Inc Webcomic Bundle". Anything Inc is a funny drama webcomic about a wacky business owner and their employee running this business that will do any job given. In the bundle is a copy of Chapter 1, buttons, stickers, a 8.5"X11" official art, and business cards to find the comic online and read more. Donated by Kika

​​​​​​lovely landfill.png

Painting donated by Lovely Landfill


 Hikari wo Sagasu creates gorgeous handmade accessories that are sure to please. In this mystery lucky pack worth $30 will have a hair accessories, earrings! 

butter side dounw.JPG

Donated by Butter Side Down​​

sweet mildred.JPG

Donated by Sweet Mildred

anime castle.JPG

Donated by Anime Castle​

mint and apple 1.jpg mint and apple 2.jpg
mint and apple 3.jpg​​​mint and apple 4.jpg
mint and apple 6.jpg mint and apple 7.jpg

6 images donated by mintandapple​

1. Furyu Fate Grand Order Servant Premium Figure Ruler Jeanne D'Arc (amu-prz7559)


2. Nemu Neko (Sleeping Cat) Deluxe Plush (amu-prz8031b)

3. Sugoi Kawaii Box - Grab box with all things cute

​D​​onated by HKT/Mugen​​