2018​ Artists Alley​​​

​Artists' Alley operates from 10:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. o​n Saturday in the College Center.​​

KotoriCon staff select a variety of artists and crafters to display their work and sell unique treasures​ and gifts.​ ​

Many of our artists​ are donating items to the Chari​ty Auction! Don't miss it!

Lobby Tables


21. The Needle Gnomes

Knit and crochet goods including am​​​​igurumi

22.Lady Jewel's Hair Garlands

Make your Dreams into Reality with Lady Jewel!


Stop by where we provide work that is both traditional and digitally made. We also do commissions or just stop by and say hi!

24.Hikari wo Sagasu

Hikari wo Sagasu specializes in Japanese Fashion themed accessories. Featuring gorgeous origami rose accessories, cute bows and headbands, ear cuff jewelry and wonderfully decorated top hats!

25. mintandapple

I see cute art and apparel! Most with bunnies! 

26. Bee's Bombs

Hand made Bath Bombs designed to celebrate Asian culture as well as various types of fandom. Unique scents, eye catching colors, and food grade/ cosmetic grade ingredients for a safe and relaxing bath time experience.

27.Sweet Mildred

Sweet Mildred offers handmade lolita clothing, hair accessories and jewelry in a variety of styles and sizes. Stop by to pick up an awesome new accessory to complete your newest coordinate, or browse our dresses if you are thinking of giving lolita fashion a try! 

28. Relemenopy

Rel is a local comic artist who likes to tell cute and fun stories, and likes making people laugh!

29.Skimlines drawings and pottery

Hello! I'm an Asian American cartoonist and potter based out of upstate NY. I write and draw a magical fantasy comic book called The Herder Witch, which is on taptastic and webtoon. I also make pottery on the wheel, adorned with small designs and motifs found in East Asian textiles and architecture.

30.Curse Club

Curse Club is an artist collective specializing in bringing you daily curses, REAL hauntings, and queer comics. AGLENNCO brings the cryptids and the death industry discourse. Lillian Melcher also brings the cryptids and a passion for folk art. And yes, we are those two wild kids who frantically paint y'all cheap cats and dogs and sharks questioning their sexual identity every year.

31.The Bear Accessories

The Bear Accessories has been providing quality handmade jewelry and accessories for over 6 years. Drawing on inspiration from popular fashion styles like Gothic Lolita and Steampunk, as well as fanart and cosplay designs from popular series, the Bear Accessories offers over a hundred different products to choose from. Whether you're looking for unique jewelry, a cute hair accessory or a badge lanyard to pull your cosplay together, this table has you covered.

32.Mink Works

Prints, Plush, and all things cute! We are a one stop shop for adorable animal art.


HEYOUWITHEFACE is an illustrator & cosplayer from NJ with 5 years of convention experience. She enjoys Halloween, the Alola Region and eating all her veggies. She sells pokeball bathbombs, totes, zines, keychains, prints and temp tattoos!

34. Lovely Landfill

Lovely Landfill offers a wide range of art, including fine art originals, cute kitch, and a little but of fanart for the shoujo manga fans in the room.

35. Nina Draws

Nina is a freelance illustrator who sells prints and stationary of her fan art and original art. She also takes character commissions done in ink & watercolors. 

36.Nightengale Needles

We supply the finest in handmade plushes, hats, hoods, scarves, and so forth. We make a special focus on LGBTQA+ pride items. 

37. Eb

Eb is a stinky kid from Philly who makes comics and draws a lot of dogs in their spare time. 

38.Moonphire Design

Moonphire Design specializes in handcrafting adorable plushies, making colorful prints, and small figurines. Moonphire Design is Serious. Cute. Art.

39. PTHS Anime Club

Help support Pemberton Township High School's anime club by purchasing hand made plush toys, student designed t-shirts, or student artwork. 

40. Zenkaikon

41. Castle Point Anime Con

42. Dragon Jedi​

Mezzanine Tables

artists alley mezzanine.JPG 

1. Free PhotoBooth

2. RCGC Information

3. Monica "MonMon" H.

MonMon comes from Northern VA and creates illustrations, paper sculptures and greeting cards. When she is not working on any of those, she can be found working on her webcomic Ocean Tides, a ghostly romance drama. Her illustrations range from cute corgis to ballerina jellyfish or ladies in colorful dresses. Be on the look out though, she tends to do art drops of marker illustrations throughout the convention.

4. The Slants

5. Jalla

I'm a 20 year old illustrator currently living in New York and attending the School of Visual Arts.

6. Derpycon

7. Magical Sakura

Dale B. and Linnea Kataja are a pair of comic artists that self publish their own manga and create other fun products such as prints, buttons, t shirts, charms and more. Together they both have a passion for shoujo manga and have an eye popping, colorful, cute style. Dale B. Has a soft romantic flair, while Linnea Kataja has an exciting cute punk style.

8. Spellbound Strings

9. Anime NEXT

10. Crystal Soul Cosplay

11. Looni Loli Designs

Cute & nerdy accessories!

12. Kika

Want to read about a goofy shapeshifter owner of a business doing anything? Or a romantic story of boys in colorguard? Well I, Kika, have that for you. Webcomics, Anything Inc and Toss of Fate, are here and available for your joy and leisure. 

13. The Asterplace

14. Kazha

15. Jamie McGonnigal

16. Mystic Realms Larp

17/18. KotoriCon t-shirts and Japanese Anime Guild +