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2019 Artist's Alley

Saturday, January 12 

10:30 a.m. 7:30 p.m. i​n the College Center

*Maps have changed from the ones in the program!* ​​ 



  1. Photobooth
  2. RCGC
  3. BlackSugarPill
    BlackSugarPill is a brand created by Silver, an illustrator specializing in creepy cute designs shown through their apparel and accessories.
  4. Bee Fant
    Bee Fant featuring Oliver Jenkins showcases the work of two UArts illustrators that love to draw purdy pictures.
  5. Spellbound Strings
  6. Gelatine
  7. Koopa Troop
  8. Mintandapple
    Mintandapple is a small independent artist from New Jersey working hard to create beautiful and aesthetic anime and anime inspired clothes and artwork.
  9. A Valley of Stars Studio
    A Valley of Stars Studio consists of two girls looking to add some sparkle to the world. Together they create a wide variety of products, from hair bows to resin jewelry, soaps and LED necklaces, to art prints and comics. The common theme? Glitter and sparkles, and plenty of it!
  10. Sweet Mildred
    I work mainly in the sci-fi, fantasy and video game genres, creating illustrations for both gaming industry companies and private clients. My work is inspired by mid-20th century propaganda posters. I'm best known for my ability to include lots of hidden references and Easter eggs in my illustrations.
  11. Hikari wo Sagasu
    Hikari wo Sagasu specializes in handmade origami rose accessories and jewelry! Looking for Magical Girl items or something to add to your outfit or cosplay, we are sure to have things that sparkle at the right price! Check out our flower headbands, hats, and kanzashi!
  12. Nina Draws
    Illustrator with a love for animu and video gams.
  13. Sketchmouse Art
    I'm a self-taught artist and cosplayer based out of South Jersey. Stop by my table for lots of fantasy critters, DND-inspired designs and sketch commissions!
  14. Wanted & Hostile
    Artwork in both digital and traditional mediums featuring prints, zines, and buttons
  15. JAG Club Table
  16. KotoriCon T-Shirts
  17. Sakura Keiko
    Artist duo of Dale B.(MagicalSakura) and Linnea Kataja(Keikokup). Both artist are striving for a wider acceptance of comics and other media aimed at girls, and that said media can be both classically cute and devilishly dark.
  18. Mink Works
    Plush, apparel, and all things cute!
  19. Curse Club
    Kotoricon Art Director Alexandra Glenn-Collins!
  20. Byte Size Treasure
    Byte Size Treasure is the one-stop-shop for all your nautical nonsense needs; featuring kawaii sea creature-themed products sure to appeal to the excitable, ocean-loving child in all of us!
  21. Peck N Order
    I work in all sorts of media, specifically making things that are considered cute!
  22. Devil's Bakery -Cute and elegant illustrations, comics, plush, and accessories!
  23. cheppoly -Cheppoly is a digital artist offering original and fanart prints, charms, pins, and many, many, many fish of inexplicable origin.
  24. PTHS Anime Club
  25. Bee's Bombs
    Bee's Bombs makes hand crafted bath products based on various fandoms from Anime, comics, and pop culture.
  26. Tiny Neenja
    TinyNeenja is a Philly based illustrator and creative Twitch Affilate. Her illustrations are mainly horror and video game related, usually centered around monsters both original and from pop culture. Although created digitally, her style is reminiscent of pen, marker, and watercolor, with a strong emphasis on detailed line work.
  27. Monica "MonMon" H.
    Monica "MonMon" H. is a Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Comic Artist/Crafter from Northern Va. She ranges doing work from illustrations to colorful paper sculptures. She also has adorable and shiny greeting cards from party dresses to mermaids. Be on the lookout though, she tends to do art drops throughout the day.
  28. Art of Jon Salvino
    John Salvino is an artist based in Lancaster, PA. He makes sumi ink paintings, comics, and sculpture that explore fantasy and science fiction.
  29. Eb
    Eb creates illustrations and comics regarding LGBTQ themes among cute stylize, linework heavy art.
  30. Cross' Critters
    Cross' Critters is the brainchild of the monster-loving, plush-maker Megan Cross. Her keystone project, the Figments, are a line of 100% original monster plush, complete with names, species, and immersive backstories. Come one, come all -- enter the fantastical world of the Figments.
  31. Dragon Jedi
  32. Mystic Realms
  33. Big Gay Breakfast
  34. Daman Mills
  35. Michele Knotz
  36. James Carter Cathcart
  37. Brad Swaile
  38. Show Us Your Pokeballs
  39. Jamie McGonnigal
  40. Paul St. Peter
  41. Megan Shipman
  42. Kiba the Cosplay Corgi
    Original work, fan art, zines, accessories, enamel pins, temp tattoos, pokeball bathbombs, custom shoes, stickers, screen printed bags, etc  
  44. Ugly Tarantula
    UglyTarantula makes prints, accessories, and apparel with bright colors, cute girls, and happy feelings!

Many of our artists​ are donating items to the Chari​ty Auction! Don't miss it!

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