Rowan College at Gloucester County

The Information Center of Student Services

What is the Information Center?
Located in the Student Services building, the Information Center assists students with answering general questions, locating appropriate departments, scheduling appointments with advisors/counselors and providing other important information (RCGC username / password, Student ID #, etc.)

What services does the Information Center provide?

The Information Center provides the following services:

  • Schedules appointments with advisors/counselors

  • Provides registration information

  • Withdrawal /drop process and dates

  • Drop-in hours
    (student may drop-in during these hours at their convenience and speak with an advisor)

  • Furnish students with RCGC username /password and RCGC Student ID Number
    (must present Valid Photo ID)

  • Refer students to the appropriate STUDENT SERVICES area / individual

Do I need to bring anything when talking to someone at the Information Center?

  • New students: You will need to present a valid photo ID
    (Driver's License, High School ID, or RCGC Student ID, or passport).

  • Returning students: RCGC Student Photo ID or other form of valid Photo ID

  • Pertinent paperwork (ie. most recent Student Detail Schedule, transcript, etc.)

How do I contact the Information Center?
Please visit the Information Center in the Student Services Building or call 856-415-2197, option 1.