Rowan College at Gloucester County

Upcoming Courses

Throughout the year, the Gloucester County Fire Academy offers several courses of interest to emergency services personnel.

Complete a registration form to sign up for a class. Residents and members of Gloucester County volunteer associations may be eligible for a grant through the Non-Residents Taxpayers Association of New Jersey. View the waiver form for eligibility requirements and to apply for courses that are $60 or less. 

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Upcoming Courses: ​​

Street Smart Pump
This class will cover topics such as friction loss, drafting, tanker operations, basic foam operations, overcoming problems at the pump, pumping large water operations, hydrant hookups (maximizing your water supply), and tandem pumping. This class is for the new and seasoned pump operators.


Auto Extrication I
Participants will receive instruction and develop improved competency in all phases of auto extrication including scene size-up, vehicle stabilization, removal of the vehicle from the entrapped patient, patient removal, etc.


Auto Extrication II 
Using numerous skill stations and multi crash scenarios, students will be able to demonstrate the key principles and practices of safe and effective vehicle extrication practices. 

Fire Sprinkler Plan Review
Tuesday, June 19, 2018

This course is required by the NJ Division of Fire Safety for Firefighters who wish to be certified as Level 1 fire service instructors.  This course will provide the student with an understanding of instructional planning, techniques and delivery as related to the fire service.  This program is eligible for Pro Board and IFSAC certification.

Successful completion of this course is required by the NJ Division of Fire Safety for Fire Service Instructors who desire certification as a level-2 Fire Service Instructor.  NOTE: This course does include out of class assignments that are mandatory for completion.

Are your apparatus operators truly qualified to drive the emergency equipment in your station?  Are you in a position to fully defend your agency’s procedures, policies, and guidelines?  Can you defend your driver’s training program?  Hardly a day goes by that, somewhere in the United States, a chief finds himself or herself, struggling to answer these questions while seated in a court of law.

This course is intended to provide either the “dedicated” safety officer or any member who might be assigned the role of “Incident” safety officer with skills to function effectively as the Safety Officer at fire department incident operations. The primary focus shall be on developing decision making skills through the recognition of cues that affect personal safety. This is a 16-hour National Fire Academy accredited course.​

​​To provide information related to risk management, laws, codes, and standards; health maintenance and wellness; and investigations that effect an organization’s occupational safety and health program. This is a 16-hour National Fire Academy accredited course.