Rowan College at Gloucester County

After You Apply

​All students are encouraged to apply for federal and state financial aid programs. But, what happens after you've submitted your FAFSA and completed the state application? This webpage explains how the Rowan College at Gloucester County (RCGC) Office of Financial Aid works with students to complete the award process.​

Frequently Asked Questions Addressed Here

  • When will RCGC receive my FAFSA?
  • How will I know RCGC has my FAFSA?
  • What is the Portal?  
  • How do I use the Portal?
  • How do I Access my RCGC email?
  • Where can I obtain financial aid forms?
  • How do I submit documentation to the Office of Financial Aid?
  • When and how will I receive my financial aid? 

When will RCGC receive my FAFSA?

After you successfully complete, sign and submit your FAFSA to the U.S. Department of Education, it takes approximately 3-10 days for the online application to be processed, and 14-21 days for the paper application. Once processed, it might take up to 2-3 weeks for the RCGC Office of Financial Aid to download a copy of your FAFSA from the Department.  

How will I know RCGC has my FAFSA?

You will know the College has downloaded a copy of your FAFSA by checking your RCGC email and Portal accounts. All official college business will be communicated through these channels. You are encouraged to check both on a weekly basis, minimum.

What is the Portal?  

The Portal is the College's secure, internal website that connects students to their RCGC email accounts, campus announcements, news/events, financial aid resources, course selection/registration tools and much more.

Visit the Information Center, located in the Student Services building, to obtain your username and password. Once you have your username and password, visit​ and select "Login to the RCGC Portal," located in the top right corner of the college homepage. If you have trouble logging in, contact Technical Support for assistance by calling 856-415-2298.

How do I use the Portal?

Once you're successfully logged into the Portal, select the "MyCAMPUS" tab and scroll down to the "Financial Aid Requirements" and "Financial Aid Awards" sections. The Office of Financial Aid will update the "Financial Aid Requirements" area to request additional documentation as part of your annual application package. This request for documentation is in addition to your FAFSA.

You can monitor your progress through the application process in live time. Statuses include "R" = Required; "N" = In Review, "I" = Incomplete, "S" = Satisfied. Once all documentation has been satisfied, an award will be offered to your college account. You can review this by selecting the "Financial Aid Awards" link and specifying the aid year (i.e. 2018-2019 or 2017-2018.)

How do I access m​​​y RCGC email?

Once you've logged into the Portal, select the "Webmail" icon on the homepage to access your email. The first two emails that will be sent from the Office of Financial Aid include the "Missing Information" and "Preliminary Award Notice" letters.

The "Missing Information" letter directs students to the Portal for a complete list of requested documentation. It also explains how to log in for the first time and navigate the system. The "Preliminary Award Notice" letter provides you with your estimated eligibility, and this is based on the information you reported on your current FAFSA. 

How can I obtain financial aid forms?

All financial aid forms, requested as additional documentation, can be obtained on the Forms webpage. However, certain documents, such as W-2s or Tax Return Transcripts, must be gathered from your employer or Detailed instructions for how to request Tax Return Transcripts or accept a Direct Loan package are also on the Forms webpage. 

Appeal documentation for Satisfactory Academic Progress, Dependency Overrides and Special Conditions must be obtained in person at the Office of Financial Aid. This is so you can receive proper counseling on the process, including what the student expectations are for making such appeals. 

How do I submit documentation to Financial Aid? 

Required documents must be submitted together at one time. All students must submit a copy of the annual​ Disclosure and Release Form to the Office of Financial Aid to create their personal file, once RCGC receives their FAFSA application and has notified the student. Students who are selected for verification will be required to submit additional forms, financial documents and tax information. To learn more, view the Verification webpage.

File Review Process

  1. Files take up to 30 days for review by an administrator.

  2. Files will not be reviewed the same day a student submits paperwork.

  3. Students may need to provide additional documents after the initial file review to clarify discrepancies or make general corrections.

  4. Additional paperwork will be requested via the student Portal and RCGC email account.

View the Step 6 - ​Track Progress section of the Federal Aid ​website for an in-depth overview of student expectations and helpful hints for navigating this process. 


When and how will I receive my financial aid?

Once student files are verified, they will be packaged for aid based on their eligibility. A student's award will be posted on his/her Portal account. Awards are usually based on 12 credits and will be adjusted depending on a student's enrollment for that semester. Students will receive notification through their RCGC email account if their aid has been adjusted for any reason. Review the Receive Your Aid webpage for an overview of how enrollment impacts financial aid awards. 

How it Works

  1. Financial aid is awarded to the student's account and applied immediately to tuition and fees.

  2. Book vouchers are issued by the Business Office; vouchers are available one week before the semester begins and during the first four weeks of classes.

  3. Refunds for additional funds are issued by the Business Office beginning the sixth week of the semester.

For more information on book vouchers or refunds, contact the Business Office at 856-468-5000, ext. 2226 or