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Rowan College at Gloucester County

Disbursement of Financial Aid

​​​Tuition and Fees

All financial assistance received is applied first to the student's unpaid tuition and fees for the current semester. The student's account is credited, and aid is disbursed, after the sixth week of the semester. 

Financial aid is awarded based on the assumption that students will attend full time (12 credits or more). The federal Direct Loan and state Tuition Aid Grant (TAG) require students to enroll and maintain a minimum of 6 credits during the semester. Therefore, students' awards will be adjusted accordingly. 

Award amounts for scholarships, grants and loans are continually adjusted throughout the semester to reflect a student's actual enrollment. Most of these adjustments take place at the conclusion of the drop/add period. However, changes in financial aid allocations might arise if a student withdraws or is reported as "never attending" classes during the semester.

If students are not eligible for financial aid based on their actual enrollment, they must pay all tuition and fees owed. If students' total financial aid is not enough to pay their tuition and fees, they must pay the balance by the due date on the bill (see Payment Options).

Review the Receive Your Aid webpage for detailed information on enrollment and financial aid allocations. 

Books & Supplies

Students who are eligible for a refund may use a portion of it to purchase books and supplies at the start of the semester. This process is referred to as receiving a "book voucher."

Book vouchers are issued electronically by the Business Office, and are available only during designated periods during the term. The availability of book vouchers depends on when the student's financial aid application is reviewed and if the aid is​ awarded to their college account.

Students must first check with the Business Office to see if they qualify for a book voucher. If they do, eligible students should go directly to the College Bookstore to purchase their textbooks and supplies. Note: students must present a copy of their Student Detailed Schedule and a valid college ID, as per the Bookstore policy.   

Contact the Business Office for more information at 856-468-5000, ext. 2226 or

Refund Information

After all tuition and fees have been paid on the term bill, students may receive a refund if they have additional ​financial aid funds available​. Refunds are processed by the Business Office beginning the sixth week of each semester. This ensures the student is enrolled and their credit hours are verified.

Refund checks are mailed to the student. Under no circumstance can refunds be picked up at the college. Students must verify their mailing address is correct, either by checking this information at the Department of Student Records or on the Portal. All address changes must be made through Student Records in the Student Services building.

Students may check the status of their refunds by viewing their term bills on the Portal. If a student has a refund charge on his/her account summary and the term balance is $0, the refund has been​ processed and is on its way to being printed and mailed.

How to View the Account Summary by Term:

  1. Log into the Portal

  2. Click the "Academics" tab

  3. Click "Term Bill" link under the "View or Pay My Bill" tab

Contact the Business Office for more information at 856-468-5000, ext. 2226 or​

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