Rowan College at Gloucester County


​Financial Benefit

The Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF)​​ provides a maximum grant award of $1,050 for the academic year.

Individual Academic and Personal Advisement

Each EOF student meets with his or her assigned EOF counselor twice each month to receive academic guidance and support. The counselor discusses educational and career goals and makes certain the student is taking courses required to complete a degree or certificate. The counselor helps the student select courses and register.


EOF students who are required to take basic skills (non​credit) courses or who are​ experiencing difficulty in their classes should seek assistance from​ Tutoring Services. The EOF counselor will monitor the student's ​tutoring participation.


The EOF staff and members of the College community (faculty, counseling advisors and adjunct instructors​) conduct seminars and symposiums to strengthen EOF students'​ academic skills and coping techniques. Workshop topics include ​time management, study skills, learning styles, note taking, test anxiety, math anxiety, navigating academia and college drama.

Career/Transfer Guidance

The EOF counselor works with the Career and Academic Planning Center to ensure that all EOF students are familiar with its services.

Summer Institute (Pre-College Orientation)

Each summer, the EOF program holds a pre-college orientation designed to help potential EOF students adjust to college life and the discipline required for college study. The Summer Institute includes workshops geared toward maximizing achievement in and out of the classroom. Seminar topics include academic excellence and motivation, conflict resolution, leadership and self-assessment.