Rowan College at Gloucester County


​What kind of support does the EOF program provide?

The EOF offers an array of services that will help students succeed in college. These include academic advisement; academic planning, major-selection and career development mentoring and assistance; and personal development and leadership workshops. In addition, the program provides funds to be used towards the cost of tuition.


Does EOF pay all of my college expenses?

No. The EOF grant supplements the student's total financial aid package.


Must this money be paid back?

No. The EOF grant is given to students by the state.


Do students need to apply every year for the program?

Once students are accepted into the program, they will receive the EOF grant each semester until they achieve their degrees; however, a student may receive only six semesters of EOF support.


Why do I need to have an interview?

EOF is not an entitlement program, and requirements must be met for students to be accepted. Interviews help the College determine whether students meet the state income requirements and whether students are motivated and have the potential to succeed in college. Staff members can do that only through a face-to-face meeting.


May I receive an EOF grant and financial aid?

Yes. The EOF grant is a form of financial aid. Students' eligibility for this grant and other aid is determined preliminarily based on the income information they provide on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Many students who receive EOF grants also receive the Federal Pell Grant and State Tuition Aid Grant (TAG).


Is this program designed for single parents and minority students?

The EOF program applies to students with a history of low income and no previous college experience. A student does not need to be a parent or member of a minority group. Grants are awarded strictly based on state economic and poverty guidelines and the student's potential to succeed.


What are the requirements to maintain my EOF eligibility?

Students must meet with their assigned counselors at least twice a month, attend workshops or seminars offered each semester and maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade point average. Students must maintain full-time status, comply with academic mandates and attend tutoring sessions, if advised.


What happens if I am placed on EOF academic probation?

  • EOF Students on probation (14 credits and 12 credits) must meet with the EOF director once each week.

  • Each student will provide a weekly progress report to their instructors, which will be returned to the EOF director.

  • EOF probationary students will participate in campus tutoring in the Tutoring Center, which will be monitored by the EOF director.

  • In the case of academic leave, EOF students will report to the designated probation officer in Student Services, in addition to meeting with the EOF director for an academic plan.

  • EOF probationary students who do not adhere to the above rules may be in jeopardy of losing future EOF funding.


Am I eligible for an EOF grant if I am a part-time student?

No. Eligible students must maintain full-time status (minimum of 12 credits) to receive an EOF grant.


What are the criteria to be admitted as a transfer student or EOF readmit?

EOF transfer students must submit a complete EOF Transfer application form​, obtain and submit a completed EOF sector transfer form and be admitted into Rowan College before acceptance into the EOF program.

In addition:

  • Article III undergraduate grants cannot be guaranteed to renewal students who transfer to another participating school.

  • Article III undergraduate grants do not transfer with students.

  • The receiving institution must have Article III academic year grant funds available to award a grant to a transfer student.


When does the summer program begin? How long does it last?

The EOF program begins approximately the last week of June and continues for five weeks. Classes are held Monday through Thursday. Students will work intensively for this period of time on reading, math and writing. Students will earn three credits for these courses. Students also will attend orientation and tutoring and register for the fall semester during this time.


How will the EOF summer program help me?

The summer program provides a head start on getting to know the campus, administration and faculty members. During the summer program,​ students bond with other EOF and non-EOF colleagues, making the transition smoother when they arrive on campus for the fall semester.


If I do not receive state aid (TAG), can I receive EOF funding?

No​. Students must be eligible for state aid.