Rowan College at Gloucester County


  • RCGC graduates students five times a year, which includes, May, June, August, December, and January. 
  • Students who wish to graduate must complete a graduation application during the period listed in the Graduation Dates and Deadline Chart:

Graduation Dates & Deadlines Chart

Anticipated Term of Graduation:Deadline to apply for Graduation:Deadline for Academic Advisement to review your  application:Month degree will be awarded:Official Graduation Dates:Date when official diplomas will be mailed by Student Records:
Fall 2018March 18 – Dec 3 2018Nov 1 – Dec 10January 2019December 14, 2018February 18, 2019
Winter 2019Oct 15 – Jan 2Dec 10 – Jan 11February 2019January 11, 2019
March 25, 2019
Spring 2019Oct 15 – May 3Mar 1 – May 3June 2019May 16, 2019August 5, 2018*
Summer 2019Feb 25 – June 10 or Aug 10***Jun 25 – Aug 30September 2019August 30, 2019August 26, 2019 or October 28, 2019**

A photo ID is required when picking up your diploma in-person.

*SPRING DIPLOMAS PICK-UP: Official diplomas are available to be picked up beginning Monday, July 22, 2019 at the Office of Student Records, Student Services Building.  Diplomas that are not picked up in-person prior to Thursday, August 1, 2019 will be mailed on Monday August 5, 2019.

**SUMMER DIPLOMAS: For classes ending June 20, 2019, diplomas will be mailed on August 26, 2019.  For classes ending after June 20, 2019, diplomas will be mailed on October 28, 2019.

***Students who are on track to complete their degree/COA prior to June 20, 2019 must apply to graduate between February 25, 2019 and June 10, 2019.  Students who are on track to complete their degree after June 20, 2019 but before August 30, 2019 must apply to graduate between February 25, 2019 and August 10, 2019.

Need a replacement Diploma?

A replacement Diploma will be issued at the minimal cost of $35.00 per copy.  This action takes about 4-6 weeks as we use an outside vendor to order and print diplomas.  The request form (Duplicate Diploma Request Forms) can be reached on our webpage, , and then select the link for 'Forms'.   Kindly note that Diploma payments must be made in advance of ordering duplicates, to our Business Office.  Completed request forms go directly to our Business Office.  The Business Office may be reached by (email) or (office) (856) 468-5000 extension 2226 or (fax) 856-464-1483.