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Rowan College at Gloucester County

Board of Trustees Policy Manual


By-Laws​​​ pdf_icon.gif 1002
Basic Objectives pdf_icon.gif 1003
Board of Trustees Secretary pdf_icon.gif 1004
​Procedural Rules for Hearings Before the Board of Trusteespdf_icon.gif1005​
Meetings of Board of Trustees pdf_icon.gif 1006
Audience Participation at Board Meetings pdf_icon.gif 1007
Official Newspapers pdf_icon.gif 1008
Board Closed Sessions
pdf_icon.gif 1010
Board Committees
pdf_icon.gif 1011
Trustee Orientation and Development pdf_icon.gif 1015
Board of Trustees Appointments pdf_icon.gif 1016
Standard for Presidential Searches
Code of Ethics for College Trustees pdf_icon.gif1018
​​​Board Member Travel and Conference

College Policies and the College Policy Office pdf_icon.gif 2000
Executive Representation pdf_icon.gif 2001
Minors on Campus pdf_icon.gif ​2002
​Open Public Access to Recordspdf_icon.gif​2003
Smoke and Tobacco Free Environment pdf_icon.gif 2004
Educational Programs pdf_icon.gif 2010
Acceptable Use of Technological​ Resources pdf_icon.gif 2011
Record Retention
pdf_icon.gif 2017
Role in the Workforce
pdf_icon.gif 2018
Cooperation with Other County Colleges pdf_icon.gif 3001
​Grants and Sponsored Projects​ pdf_icon.gif3002
Art Collection
Programs and Courses pdf_icon.gif 3004
Academic Areas pdf_icon.gif 3005
​Physical Therapist Assistant Program Non-Represented Staffpdf_icon.gif​​3006
Health, Physical Education and Recreation pdf_icon.gif3009
Academic Progress, Probation and Leave pdf_icon.gif3010
​*Graduation Variance​​pdf_icon.gif​3011
​*​ Admissions pdf_icon.gif3011
Academic Honors pdf_icon.gif3012
Distance Education pdf_icon.gif3013
Intellectual Property pdf_icon.gif3014
Live Organisms in the Classroom and Laboratory pdf_icon.gif3015
Institutional Review Board pdf_icon.gif3016
Program Review pdf_icon.gif3017
Use of Facilities pdf_icon.gif 4001
​​ Community Use of the Library pdf_icon.gif 4003
Travel Excursions pdf_icon.gif 4004
Naming Buildings, Educational Spaces and Other Assets pdf_icon.gif ​5002
​Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Standardpdf_icon.gif
Alcoholic Beverages on Campus pdf_icon.gif 5005
Solicitation on Campus pdf_icon.gif 5010
Stormwater Regulation Compliance pdf_icon.gif 5011

Distributing and Posting Materials

pdf_icon.gif 5013
* While the Policies and Administrative Procedures are going through a review and approval process, there will temporarily be duplicate numbering. Both documents are currently valid.
Accounts Payable pdf_icon.gif 6002
Annual Audit pdf_icon.gif 6003
Banking and Investing pdf_icon.gif 6004
Bidding & Procurement pdf_icon.gif 6005
Budgeting pdf_icon.gif 6006
Check Writing and Signatory Authority
pdf_icon.gif 6007
Credit Cards pdf_icon.gif 6008
Fixed Assets pdf_icon.gif 6009
General Ledger and Chart of Accounts pdf_icon.gif 6010
Tuition and Fees pdf_icon.gif 6011
Gift Acceptance pdf_icon.gif 6012
Insurance pdf_icon.gif 6014
Payrollpdf_icon.gif 6​0​15​​​
Petty Cash and Cash Management pdf_icon.gif 6016
Sale or Other Disposition of College Property pdf_icon.gif 6018
Travel Authorization and Reimbursement pdf_icon.gif 6020
Tuition Reimbursement and Waivers pdf_icon.gif 6021
Student Payments & Delinquent Accounts​ pdf_icon.gif 6022
Use of College Vehicles pdf_icon.gif 6023
* While the Policies and Administrative Procedures are going through a review and approval process, there will temporarily be duplicate numbering. Both documents are currently valid.
Collective Bargaining Agreements pdf_icon.gif 7001
* Workers' Compensation pdf_icon.gif 7002
* Staffing pdf_icon.gif 7002
Harassment and Discrimination pdf_icon.gif 7003
Conscientious Employee Protection (Whistleblower) pdf_icon.gif 7004
Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity pdf_icon.gif 7005
Certifying Agent pdf_icon.gif 7006
Sexual Misconduct and the Rights of Victims pdf_icon.gif 7007​
Volunteer Workers
Faculty Substitutes pdf_icon.gif 7011
*​Lactation Room Accomodations for Employees and Studentspdf_icon.gif7013
* Sabbatical Leave for Non-Represented Employees pdf_icon.gif 7013
Holidays pdf_icon.gif 7014
Health Insurance, Waiver of Coverage and Continuation of Benefits pdf_icon.gif 7016
Leave of Absence Without Pay pdf_icon.gif 7017
* Personnel Records pdf_icon.gif 7018​​​
*Bereavement Leave pdf_icon.gif701​8​
Employee Personal Days pdf_icon.gif7019
​​Faculty Rank for Administrative Personnel pdf_icon.gif7023​
Pre-Employment Physicals pdf_icon.gif7024
​Grievances pdf_icon.gif7026
Faculty Evaluation pdf_icon.gif7030
Professional Staff Teaching Assignments pdf_icon.gif7032
Promotions for Non-Represented Personnel Holding Academic Rank pdf_icon.gif 7034
Adjunct Faculty Evaluation pdf_icon.gif7035
​Employee Recognition Awards pdf_icon.gif7036
​Unused Sick Leave Retirement Compensation pdf_icon.gif70​37​
Privileges for Emeritus Status  & Retirees pdf_icon.gif7038
Professional Leave of Absence Without Pay for Non-Represented Personnel pdf_icon.gif7039
Substance Abuse pdf_icon.gif7041
Military Leave pdf_icon.gif7042
​​Code of Ethics for College Employees
Nepotism pdf_icon.gif7048
Continuing Outside Employment pdf_icon.gif7049
New Hire Orientation pdf_icon.gif7051
​Background Checks and Self-Disclosure of Criminal Convictions pdf_icon.gif7052
Human Resources Recruitment Reimbursement pdf_icon.gif 7053
Employment pdf_icon.gif7054
Personnel Transactions pdf_icon.gif7056
Promotions and Transfer pdf_icon.gif 7057
Employment Categories pdf_icon.gif7058
Sick Leave pdf_icon.gif7059
Vacation pdf_icon.gif7061
Employee Performance Appraisal (EPA) pdf_icon.gif7062​
Teaching Qualifications pdf_icon.gif7063
Employee Conduct and Work Rules pdf_icon.gif7065
Employee Attendance pdf_icon.gif7066
Educational Attainment Recognition pdf_icon.gif7067
​Faculty Tenure pdf_icon.gif7068
​Class Attendance During Work Hours
​Emergency Closings pdf_icon.gif7070
Library Bill of Rights pdf_icon.gif 8001
​​ Second Degree Student Financial Aid pdf_icon.gif 8003
Library Materials Security pdf_icon.gif 8007
​​​Academic Overload (Credit Limits) pdf_icon.gif ​8012
Basic Skills Program pdf_icon.gif8014
Admissions pdf_icon.gif8015
Challenge Examinationspdf_icon.gif8016
Student Rights and Responsibilities pdf_icon.gif8100
Student Government Association pdf_icon.gif8101
Student Publications pdf_icon.gif8102
Student Records pdf_icon.gif8103
College Activities pdf_icon.gif8104
Student Appeals​pdf_icon.gif 8105
​​Student ​Code of Conduct and Procedural Standards​ pdf_icon.gif8106
Criminal History Background Checks for Students pdf_icon.gif8109
Anti-Bullying and Intimidation pdf_icon.gif8110
​Transfer and Reverse Transfer Students
Establishment of the Office of Safety and Security pdf_icon.gif 9000
Campus Security Act (Clery Act) pdf_icon.gif 9001
Emergency Operations Plan pdf_icon.gif 9002
Weapons pdf_icon.gif 9003
Parking and Trafficpdf_icon.gif​9004
Animals on Campus pdf_icon.gif9005
​Lost and Found pdf_icon.gif9006
* While the Policies and Administrative Procedures are going through a review and approval process, there will temporarily be duplicate numbering. Both documents are currently valid.

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