Rowan College at Gloucester County

General Education

​​The General Education guidelines, result from discussions by the 2007-2008 New Jersey General Education Coordinating Committee. The task of the committee was to develop specific, objective criteria to evaluate community college General Education courses from the guidelines of the New Jersey General Education Foundation. Congruence with the “foundation” criteria is to be used as the dominant consideration in affirming, or not affirming, acceptance of submitted courses. The committee considered courses found to be compatible with the “foundation” criteria as being, in almost all cases, transferable to senior institutions. However, in the absence of a course by course guarantee of transferability, the priority in determining general education affirmation was based more on congruence with “foundation” criteria than with consideration of perceived transferability.

The General Education Course List is the most current source of statewide approved general education courses per college.

 The Unified Statewide General Education Course List​ is the most current published general education course list by course title.