Rowan College at Gloucester County

Dual Credit

All Dual Credit courses will be assessed on a yearly basis through use of RCGC:

1.  student learning outcomes

2.  program learning outcomes (if applicable)

3.  core competencies

Each high school instructor teaching an approved RCGC Dual Credit course will be contacted for a yearly site visit and further explanation of the assessment process.

If you need additional assistance, please contact Dr. Danielle Zimecki-Fennimore​, Dean of Academic Compliance or Perpetue Cadet, Administrator of Assessment & Compliance. 

Dual Credit Assessment Data
Each course that is approved by Rowan College at Gloucester County for Dual Credit shall go through the same assessment process as courses taught on campus or online by RCGC faculty and staff.​

​Ty​pes of Assessment: Formative​ and Summative
When assessing students for knowledge, mastery, and understanding, professors can use formative or summative​​ assessments.​

Core Competencies
Core competencies reflect the global, technological, and historical perspectives that are essential for all RCGC graduates; however, each program varies regarding competencies required for a specific degree.

Program Learning Outcomes
Each degree program at Rowan College at Gloucester County has created objects that students will complete at the end of the program.  The Dual Credit courses, when appropriate, will assess program learning outcomes in their yearly report.

The course syllabi, which is an outline or other brief statement of the main points of a course, the subjects of a course of lectures, and the contents of a curriculum, for all Rowan College at Gloucester County courses can be found here.