Rowan College at Gloucester County

Course Assessment

​​​Rowan College at Gloucester County course assessment takes place on a two year cycle. For updated dates of assessment, please view schedule located on this page. If additional assistance is needed, please contact Dr. Danielle Zimecki-Fennimore​, Dean of Academic Compliance or Perpetue Cadet, Administrator of Assessment & Compliance.

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Rowan College at Gloucester County publishes the Course Learning Outcomes Data Report to assess students achievements through attainment of student and program learning outcomes.  This report is designed to collect the necessary data to illustrate student success.

Ty​pes of Assessment
When evaluating students for knowledge, mastery, and understanding, professors may use formative or summative assessments.​

​​Bloom's Taxonomy​
Benjamin Bloom, an educational researcher, developed a system of categories that classify intellectual behavior in learning. When developing activities and student learning outcomes, each SLO should begin​​ each with an action verb based on Bloom's Taxonomy.​​

​​Core Competencies
Core competencies reflect the global, technological, and historical perspectives that are essential for all RCGC graduates; however, each program varies regarding competencies required for a specific degree.

Program Learning Outcomes
Each degree program at RCGC has created program learning outcomes that students will complete at the end of the degree or certificate.  The program learning outcomes are assessed every two years for core courses in the major or option.

The course​​ syllabi, outlines or other brief statements of the main points of a course, the subjects of a course of lectures, and the contents of a curriculum, for all Rowan College at Gloucester County courses can be found here.​​​
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