Rowan College at Gloucester County

All College Day

Faculty/staff handing out Programs for All College Day

​​​Tuesday, September 1, 2015

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10:00 am - Physical Education Center​ ​

General Session ​

  • Lead a fearless #FRONTROWLIFE   
  • Find the courage to stand up, step up, and speak up!
  • Featuring keynote speaker - Jon Vroman, Front Row on Campus​

Academic Division Breakout Sessions (immediately following the guest speaker) 

  • Orientation/Information pertaining to your individual program study
  • Meet the Deans, Professors and Advisors

11:00 am - University Center

General Session 

  • Receive guidance and direction on completing your academic goals
  • Are you on track to graduate?
  • Career and academic transfer opportunities

12:00 - 3:00 pm - Events/Activities​

​"College is more than just going to class!" 

If special accommodations are required, please contact the Office of Special Services at (856) 415-2247 for assistance.