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Please direct general questions to Brianna Berrios at 856-681-6214 or by email at


Dr. Walter R. Gholson

Majors:  Arts & Sciences, A.S. (STEM track), Chemistry, Chemistry - Pre. Pharm D, Engineering Science, Engineering Technologies, Physics, Process Technology, Technical Studies, Computer Science
Specialty: Student Veterans
Career Pathways: Chemist, Physician, Engineer, Computer Scientist, Computer Programmer, Physical Therapist

Phone: 856-415-2215


Ms. Audreen Pittman

Majors:  Art, Computer Graphic Arts, Computer Information Systems,Information Technology, Digital Marketing, Computer Information Systems, Digital Photography, Music, Philosophy, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, Theatre/Drama
Career Pathways: Photographer, Social Worker, Psychologist, Graphic Designer, Prepress Technicians and Workers, Video Game Industry

Phone: 856-415-2203

Cheryl McBride Headshot                        

Ms. Cheryl McBride

Majors:  Biology, Bio-Science Technologies, Equine Science, Marine Science, Mathematics
Specialty: Academic Probation & Leave
Career Pathways: Physical Therapist, Veterinarian, Physician, Physician's Assistant, Biologist, Marine Biologist
Phone: 856-415-2102


Ms. Teresa Nate

Majors:  Accounting, Business Administration, , Human Resource Management, Marketing and Management, Technical Studies,
Specialty: International Students
Career Pathways: Accountant, Actuaries, General & Operations Managers, Financial Analy sts, Sales Agents, Budget Analysts, First-line Supervisors, Buyers & Purchasing Agents, Sales Manager, Logistics Managers, Software Developers, Web Developers, Information Security Analysts, Computer User Support Specialists, Computer Information Systems Managers, Computer Systems Analysts, Computer Programmer
Phone: 856-468-5000, x6473


Mr. George Rey

Majors:  Automotive Technology, Education (elementary & secondary ed.), Exercise Science, Health/Physical Education/Recreation, English, History
Specialty: Teachers 2000 (T2K)
Career Pathways: Elementary Teacher, High School/Middle School Teacher, Physical Education/Health Teacher, Mechanic
Phone: 856-4 15-2221

Ms. Sheryl Ratcliffe

Majors:  Arts & Sciences, A.A. (Liberal Arts)
Specialty: Undecided Students
Liberal Arts majors may go on to prepare for a variety of career opportunities.
Phone: 856-681-6251


Ms. Rachel White

Majors:  Pre-Law, Paralegal, Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice, Communications, Radio/TV/Film
Career Pathways: Broadcaster, TV Producer, Video Editor, Probation Officer, Corrections Officer, Police Officer, Parole Officer, Loss Prevention Officer
Phone: 856-681-6204

Nursing & Allied Health Counseling Advisors

Ms. Samantha Wagner

Majors:  Students who are accepted into the following programs: 

  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS)
  • Nuclear Medicine Techology (NMT)
  • Physical Theraphy Assistant (PTA)
  • Nursing
  • CCMA
  • and Health Science majors with last name beginning A-I

Career Pathways: Ultrasound Technician, Physical Therapist Assistant, Nursing
Phone: 856-468-5000, x6780

Ms. Rachel Emig-Tait

Majors:  Health Science Majors with last name beginning J-Z: 

Career Pathways: Ultrasound Technician, Physical Therapist Assistant, Nursing
Phone: 856-681-6205

Transfer Credit & Reverse Transfer

Mr. Glenn Groves

If you have credits you wish to have transferred to RCGC from another accredited institution,  or are interested in Reverse Transfer services, please contact Transfer Credit Advisor, Mr.  Glenn Groves.
Phone: 468-5000 x 6411

To learn more about Reverse Tranfer, click here

Shawn Rutter, Director of Advisement