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Rowan College at Gloucester County

Resources and Information for Faculty

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Quick Facts:

  • The Academic Support Center employs approximately 30 tutors and writing coaches each year.
  • The Academic Support Center (ASC) offers workshops on study skills such as time management, test-taking skills, and active reading.
  • The ASC offers workshops on various aspects of the writing process. These are especially aimed at freshmen enrolled in ENG 101/101E and ENG 102.
  • Students report that as a result of using the ASC they were better able to learn course material and that the center helped them improve their grades.

 ​​Quick Overview:

Here is a brief guide of what every RCGC faculty member should know about the Academic Support Center. 


The Academic Support Center offers orientations for all classes at RCGC. Consider bringing your class for an orientation, or inviting a representative into your classroom, especially early in the semester. We want all students to be aware of available services.

We also offer orientations for new faculty. For additional information, please call Carol Meglio-Lentz, Administrator, Academic Support Center at 856-415-2248 or send an email to 

Refer an Individual Student for Tutoring

Please use the referral form ​to refer a student to the Academic Support Center. Print, complete, and sign the form. Faculty may bring the completed form to the Academic Support Center or send it via interoffice mail. When the tutoring session has been completed, the form will be returned to you with the tutor’s notes attached. ​

Talking to Your Students about Tutoring

Students respond differently to the idea of tutoring. Some students are eager to seek help and will often do so on their own. Other students feel embarrassed, and think attending tutoring is a sign of weakness or unintelligence. You can help students overcome resistance by:

  • Explaining that students of all abilities use the ASC.
  • Reminding them that students with the highest GPAs are the often the ones who seek help when they need it.​
  • Explaining that attending tutoring is a way of taking control of their success.
  • Making periodic reminders throughout the semester that the ASC is here. 


Presen​tations about services are available for students or faculty. Please contact Carol Meglio-Lentz (856-415-2248; if you would like a representative to visit your classroom to introduce students to the Academic Support Center's services. ​

Take-Home Exam Policy

Some students come to the center for assistance with take-home tests and quizzes. Tutors are trained not to directly assist with those assessments. Instead, tutors will use similar questions or problems from the textbook to help the students through the process. Students are encouraged to apply the concepts from the textbook problems to their test problems. 

If you will allow your students to receive tutorial support with actual ​​test questions, please contact Carol Meglio-Lentz at 856-415-2248 or​. 

Structured Study Groups

Structured Study Groups will be offered to students throughout the semester.  A tutor will facilitate the group for two hours. The group will meet each week at the same time and on the same day. Groups of three or more students can organize a group with a tutor by completing the Study Group Request Form and bringing it to the center.

Faculty can strongly suggest that their students join study groups. If you have any questions, please call 856-681-6250.

To Recommend a Student as a Tutor

Academic Support Center relies on faculty to recommend academically successful students to be tutors in the Center.

Please use the Tutor Recommendation Form for any student who you believe would make a great tutor. As always, thank you for supporting our mission of assisting Rowan College students in achieving academic success. We couldn't continue our mission without you. 

​​​​Absent Instructor Day

The Academic Support Center is pleased to introduce a new program, Absent Instructor Day. When faculty members know at least two weeks in advance that they will miss class, they can contact the Academic Support Center Coordinator (ext. 6427 or​) to schedule an Absent Instructor Day activity. Instead of canceling class, faculty can request a tutor conduct a workshop for study skills, test-taking skills, or content areas (for certain subjects). If you have a planned absence this semester, please take advantage of this new program. The tutors are ready to work with your students. 

​Acad​emic Embedding

Several faculty members are using Academic Embedding to help their course success rates. For more information please see our Academic Embedding page​

​​Stud​​​​​ent Success Workshops

The Academic Support Center offers study and writing skills workshops every semester. We run study skills workshops for a few weeks early in the semester and re-run them for a few weeks after early alert notifications have been mailed to the students. We also invite faculty to schedule a workshop for their classes with the Academic Support Center Coordinator, Emily Maddox (ext. 6427 or​). Workshops can be held in the Academic Support Center Classroom (ASC 608) or tutors can present the workshops in the faculty members' classrooms. Workshops run from 30 to 60 minutes. Fill out the Student Success Workshops Request Form and email it to Emily Maddox to schedule a workshop for your class(es) this semester.

Workshops are available for the following topics:

  • Time Management
  • Note-Taking
  • Reading with a Purpose
  • Test-Taking Strategies and Managing Test Anxiety
  • Study Strategies
  • The Writing Process: Prewriting and Drafting
  • The Writing Process: Editing and Revising
  • Creating Dynamic Thesis Statements
  • Build the Best Body Paragraphs
  • Invest in your Introduction
  • Create Effective Conclusions
  • ​Writing for STEM (TBD--beginning Fall 2017)
  • Avoiding Plagiarism
  • Exam Success Plan 

​The Academic Support Center can create custom workshops based on faculty requests and students' needs. If you have an idea for a workshop for your class please contact the Coordinator, Emily Maddox (emaddox​​)​. 

Student Feedback for Workshops:

​"They did a great job. I learned so much! Time is everything."

"She was a very good public speaker and got everyone involved." 

"Learned some good tips!"

"Very helpful skills in reading comprehension. Can help tremendously in college and I learned more than a few [skills]."

"Would recommend to anyone."

"I liked learning how to develop a strong thesis statement!" ​​