​​​​Welcome to the Rowan College Portal​

The Rowan College Portal is the College's secure, single-point-of-entry website that students, faculty and staff can log in to in order to access campus announcements, news and events, Rowan College email (Webmail), eLearning, online registration, financial aid, course grades and more.

​Logging in for the First Time

Visit the Information Center to obtain your Rowan College username and password. Once you have your username and password, visit the Rowan College website and log on to the Rowan College Portal. If you have trouble logging in, please contact the Technical Support Desk for assistance by calling 856-415-2298.

Navigating the Portal

Once you log in to the Portal, you will see tabs across the top and channels (boxes) within each tab. Some channels can be moved or deleted to simplify your browsing experience.

Highlighted Channels​​

If you are a new student, you should be aware of the following channels:

​Campus Announcement​​s

Under the My Campus tab, the Campus Announcements channel provides campus-wide updates on school closings, policy changes and other important information that may affect the entire campus.

​Personal Ann​​ouncements

Under the My Campus tab, the Personal Announcements channel provides role-based updates, which may be general (payment deadline reminder) or very specific (presentation for a nursing class), depending on whom the update could affect.

​Registration Tools​

Under the Academics tab, the Registration Tools channel can be used to add or drop classes, view your student detail schedule, review your degree and curriculum information, change class options and more. Keep in mind that if you want to register for classes but have fewer than 17 credits, you first will need to speak with an advisor so you can obtain a registration PIN number. You cannot register without one.

​Student Grades​​

Under the Academics tab, the Student Grades channel will allow you to view your class grades for any given semester.

​My Statement​

Under the Academics tab, the My Statement channel will allow you to view your statement and payment history.

​Financial Aid Awards​​

Under the Academics tab, the Financial Aid Awards channel will allow you to view the status of your financial aid awards.​


Self-Serv (yellow button along the top right of the Portal) is the central location for all of your personal information. However, many features of Self-Serv can be found in channels on the Portal without accessing Self-Serv​​ directly.​​

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