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Student Clubs

​​​Animal Advocates Club

The animals finally have a voice…YOU. Awareness + Alternatives = Restored Humanity. If not you, Who? If not now, When? They meet every other Tuesday, (12/9) in the Student Life Mini Center at 12:15 pm.​  The club is also hosting an ongoing collection for local aniaml shelters now thru December 8th. Look for the green bins around campus to donate. For more information please contact Advisor, Melissa Norbeck or visit the Animal Advocates Club on Facebook


Do you enjoy reading books, watching fun videos, meeting new people, holiday parties, and MORE? Then you need to join Book Club! Friendly people looking to meet other book lovers while reading and discussing a number of genres including magna, science fiction, romance, and more! Meetings are held every Tuesday at 4:30 pm in the Student Life Mini Center. For more information contact Club advisor Barbara Turner at bturner@rcgc.edu


DECA is a Nation-wide collegiate club which allows students to develop and apply everyday business skills in a competitive environment. Please join us for one of the meetings to learn about the exciting things in store for you (and your resume!) at RCGC. Meetings are held every Thursday in the Student Life Mini Center from 2-3 pm.​ For more information please contact the Advisor, Diane Trace. Visit RCGC DECA on Facebook

DMS Society of Ultrasonographers (RCGC DMS SOU)

This club provides RCGC students an opportunity to share information and provide support for prospective, current and alumni students in the DMS program. They also develop awareness of the program through community involvement and provide scholarship opportunities for students. For more information please contact Advisor, Laurie Rohrman. 

EOF Club

The EOF club is a group of students who are passionately pursuing all the opportunities higher education has to offer and are encouraging others in this pursuit of excellence. Meetings will be held in the Student Life Mini Center every other Thursday from Noon-1 (12/4 and 12/18). Please come to as much of the meeting as you are able to attend. ​ For more information please contact Advisor, Sheryl Ratcliffe or visit EOF Club on Facebook

Gay Straight Alliance

All are welcome in this safe and supportive environment for gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer and transgendered Rowan College students and their allies. Help work toward a more accepting environment for all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, through education, support, social action, and advocacy. For more information please contact Advisor, Bryan Buttler. 

Ghost Chasers Club

Back by haunting demand, the Paranormal Club has been resurrected! Students interested in the paranormal can join and go over evidence from groups that have investigated haunted places in New Jersey. Meetings will be held in the Student Life Mini Center every Tuesday from 1:30 - 2:30 pm. ​For more information, please contact Lori Joyce or Anna Kehnast in the Library at 856-415-2254. 

Japanese Anime Guild (JAG)

This club is designed to provide students access to the latest in Japanese entertainment, as well as providing a fun and friendly atmosphere for students to socialize and learn more about Japanese culture. Meetings will be held every Wednesday from 1:30 - 4 pm in the Student Life Mini Center.​ For more information please contact Advisor, Dr. Susan Glenn or visit JAG on Facebook

Jesus is Lord Club

"Bringing Glory to God at RCGC" This club meets for fellowship and fun.  Meetings will be held in the Student Life Mini Center every Monday from 11:30 am -1 pm. ​ For more information please contact Advisor,Carol Weinhardt

Multi-Cultural Club

This club encourages students from diverse cultural backgrounds to come together and respectfully share ideas about strengthening and promoting campus diversity and teamwork.  Meetings will be held in the Student Life Mini Center every other Tuesday (12/2 and 12/16) at 12:30 pm. ​For more information please contact Advisor, Marcela Stein-Savelski

Music Society Club

The Music Society Club invites anyone who can sing, play music, write songs or poetry, or is talented in recording. The club's objective is to network with fellow musicians, and to make music a priority on campus. Come join the members to take part in their jam sessions! Meetings will be held in the Student Life Mini Center every Monday from 3-3:30 pm. After the meetings we will be holding Jam Sessions until 4:30 pm. ​ For more information please contact Advisor, Jim Boeckle. 

Nuclear Medicine Technology Club

What is Nuclear Medicine Technology? It is a type of medical imaging that helps medical practitioners diagnose and treat body conditions and abnormalities by utilizing a small amount of radioactivity tagged to a pharmaceutical. Nuclear medicine technologists administer a wide range of these radiopharmaceuticals to patients and then monitor the characteristics and functions of tissues or organs in which the drugs localize. RCGC offers a two-year program in nuclear medicine! For more information please contact Advisor, Laura Sharkey Pyle. 

Paralegal Club

The Paralegal Club meets to discuss a variety of topics related to their field, and host a guest speaker once a month. They will be hosting Guest Speakers in the Instructional Center, Room 441 at 6 pm on Friday, 12/12.  ​For more information please contact Advisor, Susan Purvin, Esq. or visit the Paralegal Club on Facebook

Photography Club 

The Photography Club is a great place to meet with other photo enthusiasts to learn, share ideas, and have fun. No experience is necessary! Meeting are held every Wednesday in the Student Life Mini Center from 4-5 pm. ​The only requirement is a digital camera! No experience is necessary for you to join this dynamic group of memory makers! For more​ information contact the Advisor, Jen Yager. 

Psychology Club

This group meets to discuss different topics relating to the field of psychology including neurology, sociology, ethics, morality and beliefs.  ​For more information please contact Advisor, Jessica Jolly.  

Science Club

Are you interested in science and scientific experiments? Then this is the club for you. We will perform simple scientific experiments as well as work within the community by cleaning up littered areas - we also participate in local Fossil Digs! Not sure what to do with your science degree or how to get into a top rated University? Are you having trouble with your science classes? Form a study group with your friends from the science club! The next meeting will be held on Thursday, 12/11 in Scott Hall Room 737 at 4:30 pm. ​ For more information please contact Advisor, Christina Nase

Student Nurses Organization (SNO)

Participation in SNO allows future and currently enrolled nursing students to interact together and provide support for each other, the College and the Community. For more information please contact Advisor, Laura Charboneau. 

Stargazers Club (RCGC's Astronomy Club)

The Stargazers Club discusses various astronomy related topics and are active in the community. They also host "Star Parties" and use a telescope to observe the night sky on campus and in Wharton State Forest. No prior knowledge of astronomy is required! For more information please contact Advisor, Dan McCormick or visit the Stargazers Club on Facebook. ​

Student Government Association

Then the Student Government Association a great way to get involved in the RCGC campus life. Elections are around the corner, so students are encouraged to get involved by picking up a petition and running for office! Students in SGA are able to share ideas, and be part of a dynamic group of leaders! Meetings will be held every Thursday at 3  pm in the Student Life Mini Center. ​For more information please contact Advisor, Cheryl McBride, pick up a brochure at the Student Life Office, or visit SGA on Facebook

Student Veterans Organization (SVO)

All RCGC current, prospective or alumni students who have honorably served in the military (or are family members of someone who has or is still serving) are welcomed to join SVO. For more information please contact Advisor Kathleen Leader​.

Teachers 2000 (T2K)​​

Teachers 2000 is associated with Educational Cohorts on Campus. T2K focuses on service, learning and leadership within the context of education. For more information please contact Advisor, Chuck Harkins.​