Personnel Directory

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Main Number

The Rowan College at Gloucester County main phone number is: 856-468-5000.

​Please note:  Extension numbers with the 2100 and 2200 series can be reached directly by dialing 415-XXXX; 6200 to 6299 series by dialing 681-XXXX OR by dialing the main line, 468-5000, and the extension number. All extension numbers within the 5500, 6300 and 6700 series can be reached only by dialing the main number and the extension.

Contact Information — Alphabetical by Name

Jackie Abrams​​​​ Act Center 5204
Amran Abdullahi Student Development/Information Center [SS] 6624
Eileen Adezio People In Transition [CC] 2222
Kim Alexander Youth One-Stop Program [CS] 6449
Emily Allen Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2162
Scott Alscher Facilities [FAC] 6370
Loretta Anthony Student Services [CC] 2103
Helen Antonucci Community Service Corp. (RSVP) [Budd Bivd. Complex] 6438
Joseph Arcaini Facilities [FAC] 6370
​Regina Ashton​Continuing Education/ GED Program [CEC]​5527
Carol Atkinson​ Library Technical Services [LIB] 2259
Judith Atkinson Vice President [SS] 2115​
Steve Awalt Financial Services [CC] 2274
Paul Babcock Safety & Security Sergeant [SAF] 6233
​Dr. Sylvia Baer​​Liberal Arts [CC]​2133
Sarah Baxter Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2170
Beth Beecroft Instructional Technology [IC] 6458
Mary R. Benedetti Safety, Security & Facilities [CC] 6210/“0”
Chloe Benson LRC/Testing Center [LRC] 2268
Darlene Berger Cooperative Education 2168
Carol Berk Academic Services [CC] 2104
Patricia Blackman-Hill Nursing & Allied Health [HS] 2186
Ed Blaetz Ford ASSET [GCIT] 468-1445 Ext. 2210
​Evon Bobo​Continuing Education/ABE Program [CEC]​6224
Sherry Bohl College Services [CS] 6358
​Elizabeth Brady Financial Aid [SS] 6630
Michelle Briles Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2142
Terry Briody Facilities [FAC] 6370
Birdena Brookins Liberal Arts [CC] 2120
Allen Brown Facilities [FAC] 6370
Barbara Brown Community Servoce Crop (RSVP) [Budd Blvd. Complex] 6430
Richard Brown Advisement [SS] 2205
Carlos A. Burke Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2161
Jeffrey Burns Advisement [SS]​ 2102
Dominick Burzichelli College Operations [CC] 2292
Gregory Buthusiem Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2175
Jacqueline Butler Records/Student Data [SS] 6293
Bryan Buttler Liberal Arts [CC] 2117
Namorah Gayle Byrd Liberal Arts [CC] 2123
Debbie Caizza Barnes & Noble Bookstore [BS] 2234
Linda Canonica Nursing & Allied Health [HS] 2183
​Lawrence Cantu​Facilities [FAC]​6730
Thomas Capaccio Safety & Security  [SAF] 6287
Michelle Capanas Enrollment Services/Student Records  [SS] 6356
Jean Capizzi Continuing Education [CEC] 6227
Marna CarltonHuman Resources [CC]2112
​Anthony Carpenter​Athletics/ Volleyball [PEC]​2207
Felicia Carroll Continuing Education [CEC] 2216
Ronald Case HPER/Athletic Director [PEC] 2257
Jason Caulley Facilities [FAC] 6370
Donna Cavallaro Testing Center [LRC] 2268
Amanda Chandler Student Life [CC] 6343
Michael Chando Admissions/Financial Aid [SS] 2282
Laura Charboneau Allied Health and Nursing [HS] 2178
Leo Chow Business [CC] 2148
Patricia Claghorn Business Studies [CC] 5504
Dr. Lemuel B. Clark Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2146
Annette Clifford President’s Office [CC] 2109
Beverly Coates Student Special Needs [IC] 2265
David Coates Instructional Technology [IC] 2261
Joseph Colasante Business Studies [CC] 2152
David Comfort Web & Portal Systems [IC] 2246
​Dennis Cook Student Special Needs Services [IC] 2281
​Richard Cooper​Athletics/Women's Basketball [PEC]​​2207
Brent Corbin Informational Operations Clerk [CS] 6357
Dyron Corley Advisement [SS] 2203
​Sabrina Corsey​Liberal Arts [CC] ​2137
​LaVonne Couch​Nursing & Allied Health [HS]2190​
Theresa Covello Nursing & Allied Health [HS] 6247
Jane Crocker Library [LIB] 2250
​Riker Cross​Technical Support Office [IC] ​​6508
Connie Dale Library [LIB] 2258
Richard Dale Safety and Security [SAF] 6287
Barun Dandapat Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2159
Joseph D'Argenio Liberal Arts [CC] 6222
Randee Davidson Career Services, CAP Center [CC] 464-5229
Robert Dazlich Open Computer Lab (Room 438) [IC] 6431
Dr. Jessica DeGraff Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2167
Ronald DelPiano Facilities [FAC] 6370
Christina Denney College Services [CS] 2202
Steve DePasquale Athletics/Women’s Softball [PEC] 6612
​Allison Derusso​Fincial Services [CC]​6296
Ferne DeSimone Community Service Corps (RSVP) [Budd Blvd. Complex] 6439
Marion Destralo-Caporusso Nursing & Allied Health [HS] 2193
Dr. William DeTora Liberal Arts [CC] 2296
Diana DeVault Instructional Technology [IC] 2286
​Margaret DiPatri Admissions [SS] 2269
Margaret DowerTransfer Advisor - Rowan Choice [CC]
Chara (Badger) Doyle Liberal Arts [CC] 2126
Nicole Duncan Liberal Arts [CC] 2137
Karen Durkin Institutional Research/Assessment [CC] 2284
​Ann Edmonds​Instutitional ​Research/Assessment [CC]​6305
Kathleen Ellis-Foultz Financial Aid [SS] 6364
​Michele Epifani​Volunteer Center of SJ [IC] ​​415 -9084 or 6261​
MaryAnn Everline Facilities [FAC] 2201
​Amanda Fach​Library [LIB]​2240
Kathy Falzone​ Open Computer Lab (Room 438) [IC] 6431
Joyce Feder ACT Center (Rm 425) [IC] 5203
Julie Fishburn Fitness Center [PEC] 6422
Anna Fitzpatrick Business Studies [CC] 2143/6345
​Lisa FordNursing/Allied Health [HS]​2180​
Stephanie Fordyce Cashier’s Office [SS] 2237
Courtney Fox​ Student Services [SS] 6475
Michael Fox Technical Support Desk   [IC] 2285
Vicky Franks-Hogan Rowan University Center [CC] 5237
John Fresne Law and Justice [LJC] 6389
Jeffrey Frye Network Center [CC] 6265
Lillian Gaitan Testing Services Center [LRC] 2268
Vicki Gall College Relations, Communications & Marketing [CC] 6496
Gina Galosi Nursing & Allied Health [HS] 2194
Denise Gerace Nursing/Allied Health [HS] 2179
Terri Germano Financial Aid [SS] 2219
Joseph Getsinger Safety & Security [LIB] 6209
Mark Getsinger Safety & Security [CC] 6287
Michael Getsinger Facilities [FAC] 6370
Dr. Walter GholsonAdvisement [SS] 2215
Edward Gillies Facilities, Maintenance [FAC] 6370
Diane Gilson Chemistry Lab [SH] 6738
Dr. Susan Glenn Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2164
Laueren Godwin Representative, Wilmington University 464-5231
​Kim Gonzalez​Continiung Education - ESL Program [CEC]​​5521
Michael Gotthold Network Management [CC] 2288
Paul Grasso Maintenance and New Construction [FAC] 2231
Yvonne Greenbaun Academic Compliance [CC] 2138
Dr. Louis Gross Liberal Arts [CC] 2132
Rose Gruber Liberal Arts [CC] 2134
Beth Hall Financial Services [CC] 2228
Susan Hall Nursing & Allied Health [HS] 2185
Rosalie Hamilton Testing Center 2268
​Donna Hamlet ​Nursing & Allied Health [HS]6424​
Vaughn Hampton Instructional Technology [IC] 2290
Robert Hanke Safety & Security [SAF] 6287
Diane Hare Student Life Office [CC] 2236
Charles Harkins Liberal Arts [CC] 6229
Regina Harrison Continuing Education/GED Program [CC] 5527
Nancy Hawn People In Transition [CC] 2256
Chris Herz Library [LIB] 2253
Robert Hill Fire Academy [FIR] 423-4127-ext.11
Thelma Hill Advisement [SS] 2204
Patricia Hirsekorn Library [LIB]  2251
Sandra Hoffman Admissions [SS] 2220
Annette Hughes Business Safety Program [CEC] 415-7414, Opt. 2 or 5505
Ryan Hughes Athletics/M-W XCountry/Track & Field Coach [PEC] 6336
Dr. Linda A. Hurlburt Academics [CC] 2106​
Mary Hurlburt Library [LIB] 2240
Lisa Iannuzzi BIT Center [CEC] 415-7414 or 5509
Donna Jenkins Nursing & Allied Health [HS] 2182
Tanya Johnson Advisement [SS] 6205
Jessica Jolly Liberal Arts [CC] 2124
Almarie Jones Diversity & Equity [CC] 2154
Lori Joyce Liberal Arts [CC] 2121
Frederick Keating President [CC] 2100
Anna Kehnast Library Serials/User Services [LIB] 2254
Michael Keith Nursing & Allied Health [HS] 2195
Lynn Kindrachuk Fitness/Wellness Center [PEC] 6339/6422
Eoin Kinnarney Liberal Arts [CC] 2122
Lorraine Kirby Community Service Corps (RSVP) Office [IC] 6439
Sheryl Klein Student Services [SS] 6246
​Matthew Korman​Public Relations [CC]​6495
Brittany Kouroupos-Bogan ​Admissions [SS] 6295
Carthornia Kouroupos Business Studies [CC] 2157
Gary Kuehnapfel  Open Computer Lab (Room 438) [IC] 6431
Joan Kuhar Training/Safety Compliance [CC] 2111
Christina Kulisek Admissions [SS] 6273
Maria Kunkle Admissions/Recruitment [SS] 6474
Dr. Edward LaBelle Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2169
Jeanne LaBuz People In Transition [CC] 2264
Dr. Lois Lawson-Briddell Counselor/Social Worker Center for Counseling and Wellness Services​ [CC] 2243
Adrienne Lawton Financial Services—Accounts Payable [CC] 6296
Kathleen Leader Veteran’s Affairs [SS] 464-5239
Sandra LeDonne Gloucester County Police Academy [FC] 6491
Michael Lemon Facilities [FAC] 6370
Dr. William Leonard Liberal Arts[CC] 2119
Bryan Lester Facilities [FAC] 6370
Cheryl Lewis Financial Services [CC] 2223
Katie Livingston Educational Foundations [CC] 2158
Dennis Lloyd Business Studies [CC] 2147
Nayibe Lopez Network Management [IC] 4363
Robert Lore Network Management [CC] 6238
Patricia Lowe Library [LIB] 2252
Karen Lucas Student Scholarships [SS] 2105
Carlos Lugo Network Management [CC] 6230
Kathy Mace Nursing & Allied Health [HS] 2196
Josh MacFerren Facilities, Maintenance [FAC] 6370
Diane Macris Cultural/Heritage Commission [CC] 464-5214
Susan MacWilliams Enrollment Services [SS] 6634
Fred H. Madden Law & Justice [FC] 2272
Allen Magid Continuing Education [CEC] 5503
Betty Magjuka Educational Foundations [CC] 2165
Mary Malinconico Computer Graphics Arts [CC] 2291
Kathleen Malloy College Relations, Communications & Marketing [CC]6264​
Eileen Mantici Financial Aid [SS] 6203
Chris Martin Athletics/Men’s Basketball [PEC] 2207
Geraldine S. Martin Liberal Arts [HS] 2189
Kenneth Mattison Network [CC] 2287
Dan McAteer Biology Lab [SH] 6730
Cheryl McBride Student Life [CC] 6456/2236
Raymond McCann Facilities, Grounds [FAC] 6370
Mike McConville Athletics/Wrestling [PEC] 2214
Thomas McCormack Business Studies [CC] 2144
Daniel McCormick Instructional Technology [IC] 2241
​Coryndi McFadden​ Human Resources [CC]​2114​
Kathy McKenna Student Development [SS] 6271
Carol Meglio-Lentz Tutoring Services [LRC] 2248
Diane Michaels Payroll [CC] 2227
Mary Mishler Nursing & Allied Health [HS] 2184
Timothy Mitcham Facilities [FAC] 6370
John Moore College Services [CS] 6244
Michael Morelli Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2160
Lauren Morgan Athletics/HPER [PEC] 2206
Danielle Morganti Human Resources [CC] 2113
Janet Morris  Facilities, Maintenance [FAC] 6370
Carolyn Mosley Nursing & Allied Health [HS] 6215
Patricia Mostovlyan Accounts Payable [CC] 2225
Nancy Nace Community Service Corp (RSVP) [IC] 6439
Oron Nahom Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2177
Dr. Christina Nase Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2176
Teresa Nate Advisement [SS] 6473
Ali Navvab Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2172
Barbara Nienstedt- McCormack Science, Technologies, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2171
Susan Nikkels Academic Services [CC] 2107
Jennifer Novzen Youth One-Stop Program [CS] 4305
Richard O’Neill Facilities [FAC] 6370
John Ortiz Career Academic Planning (CAP Center) [CC] 2198
Janet Quinn Cashier's Office [SS] 6605
Raymond Page Development/Foundation/Alumni Relations [CC] 6202
Kimberly Pandolph Testing Center [LRC] 2268
Lois Passalaqua Facilities [FAC] 6370
Keesha Patterson Liberal Arts [CC] 2128
Dr. Natalka Pavlovsky Liberal Arts [CC] 2130
Michael Pawela Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2151
Rose Ann Pekala Representative, Fairleigh Dickinson University 464-5233
Wendy Perry-Venable Continuing Education [CEC] 5502
Valeria Petrany Science Lab [SH] 6231/6730
Josh Piddington​ Technology [IC] 2270
John Pidgeon Institutional Research/Assessment [CC] 2260
Audreen Pittman EOF/Outreach [IC] 2278
Michael Plagianakos Rowan University Center [CC] 5230
Dr. Robert Powell Business Studies [CC] 2149
Sherri Pratt Financial Services [CEC] 2273
Janet Quinn Business Office [SS] 6605
Deborah Rabottino Continuing Education [CEC] 2235
Carmella Ramey ACT Center [CS] 4303
Sheryl Ratcliffe Student Services [SS]
Dorothy Reidenbaker Facilities [FAC] 6370
Meg Resue Institutional Compliance[CC] 2101
George Rey Advisement [SS] 2221
Kimberly Rice Career Academic Planning [CC] 5228
Dr. Brenden Rickards Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2279
Jackie Rizzo Student Special Needs Services [IC] 6303
Paul Roach Financial Aid [SS] 2212
Alycia Robertson Student Records [SS] 6356
Shannon Robinson Biology Lab [SH] 6730
Laurie Rohrman Nursing & Allied Health [HS] 2191
Gina Rongione-D’Argenio Liberal Arts [CC] 681-6216
Carmela Rosolia Microbiology Lab [SH] 6733
Dr. Robert D. Rossi Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2267
Michael Rossini Admissions & Recruitment [SS] 6476
Anna Roth Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2174
Linda Roth Liberal Arts [CC] 681-6217
Ken Rothfuss Student Sucess Center [LRC] 2289
Susan Rothfuss Law and Justice [LJC] 2266
Brian Rowan Athletics [PEC] 2263
Paul Rufino Liberal Arts [CC] 2173
Dominic Russo Facilities [FAC] 6370
Megan Ruttler Admissions/Recruitment[SS] Athletics/Women’s Soccer​ 2232
Henry Ryder Business Studies [CC] 2145
Brigette Satchell Continuing Education [CC] 6226
Kathie Scaffidi Testing Services [LRC] 2262
H. David Schleicher Liberal Arts [CC] 2125
Denise Schmidt-Simon Fire Academy [FIR] 423-4127 ext.10
Leanne Schoening- Lynch Athletics/HPER [PEC] 2207
Marge Schoening Library [LIB] 2239
AnaMaria Schultz Financial Services [SS] 6236
Sharon Scott Facilities [FAC] 6370
James Sentell Police Academy Coordinator [FC] 2244
Laura J. Sharkey Nursing & Allied Health [HS] 2196
Daniel Sharper Safety & Security [SAF] 6287
​Eileen Shute College Relations, Communications & Marketing [CC] 2230
Jeffrey Silvestri Ford ASSET [GCIT] 468-1445 Ext. 2210
Karen Sitarski President's Office & Board of Trustees [CC] 2110
Irena Skot Academic Services [CC] 6279
Kris Skutnik Liberal Arts [CC] 2140
Athena Slaton Erollment Services 6278
James Sloan Business Studies [CC] 2153
Alan L. Smith Athletics/Men’s Soccer [PEC] 6377
Timothy (TJ) Smith College Services [CS] 6358
Roxanne Somers Development CC] 6211
Ellise Spaulding Athletic [PEC] 6442
Laura Spencer College Relations, Communications & Marketing [CC] 6498
Andrea Stanton College Relations, Communications & Marketing [CC] 2229
Marcela Stein-Savelski Liberal Art [CC] 2131
Donald Stetter Barnes & Noble Bookstore [BS] 2249
Patricia Stewart ACT Center [CS] 4307
Dr. Carole Subotich Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2163
Karen Szumowski ACT Center [CS] 4306
Barbara Taylor Nursing & Allied Health [HS] 2192
Eleanor Ternay Standardized Testing Services [LRC] 6249/2268
Robin Theurer Student Records [SS] 6471
Lathosa Thomas Continuing Education [CEC] 5501
David Thompson Buildings and Grounds [FAC] 6370
Nancy Thompson Human Resources--Payroll [CC] 2227
Daniel Thornton Facilities [FAC]  6370
Diana Trace Institutional Research [CC] 6252
Holly Turk Student Records [SS] 6288
Barbara Turner Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) [CC] 2297
Genevieve Turner Nursing & Allied Health [HS] 2181
Sandy Uhr Youth One-Stop Program [CS] 6841
Margie Vacchiano Human Resources [CC] 2112
Samantha Van Kooy Student Affairs [SS] 2276
David Vogel Facilities—Grounds 6370
Barbara Walker ABE Counselor/Instructor [CC] 384-3728
Teneisha Walker Facilities [FAC] 6370
Vic Wang Representative, University of Maryland 464-5238
Donna Wark Facilities [FAC] 6370
Carol Weinhardt Student Special Needs Services [IC] 2247
Susan Weiss College Relations, Communications & Marketing [CC] 2211
Ryan Wenzel  Bursar’s Office [SS] 6615
Teddy Westervelt Faculty Office – Team C (STEM) [CC] 2156
Chris White Technical Support Desk [IC] 6504
Shannon White Center for Counseling and Wellness Services [CC] 6240
Kristen Whyte Student Services [SS] 6272
Terry Williams Technical Support Desk [IC] 6378
Jennifer Wilson Continuing Education[CEC] 2217
Jacqueline Wyatt Facilities [FAC] 6370
Matthew Wyatt Facilities, Maintenance [FAC] 6370
Jennifer Yager  Instructional Technology [IC] 6457
Margie Yahrling Cashier's Office [SS] 6290
​Mark Zorzi ​Financial Services​2280​


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