Gloucester County College has become Rowan College at Gloucester County. Our website has moved from www.gccnj.edu to www.rcgc.edu.
Tuition & Fees

​​Effective Spring 2015

​​A) Tuition

​Per Credit

​​Gloucester County residents 

​   $95.00​

​Out-of-county residents

​ $115.00 (1)

​Out-of-state residents

​ $230.00

​International students 

​ $230.00

​NJVCC online courses 

​ $100.00 (2)

​High School Option (HSOP) 

​ 65% discount*

*Discount applies only to tuition and per-credit fees. There is no limit on the number of courses.

​​​​B) Required Fees

​Per Credit

​​General service fee 

​  $​34.50

​Capital construction fee 

​     $2.00

​Developmental fee (remedial classes only) 

​   $12.00

​​C) Other Fees​Per Occurrence

​Application fee (nonrefundable)

​  $20.00

​Late registration fee (full or part time)


​Late payment fee

​  $30.00

​Course change fee


​Graduation fee​

​  $63.00

​Payment plan fee



    $​5.00 per request

​Replacement diploma

​  $35.00

​Lexis-Nexis annual fee

​Cost pass-through (3) currently $40 per year

​Nurse Entrance Test fee

Cost pass-through + $25 administration (3)

​HESI exam fee

Cost pass-through + $25 administration (3)

​Other standardized tests

Cost pass-through + $25 administration (3)

​Nursing, allied health

​$1,000 per semester

​Automotive technology

(beginning second academic term)

​$1,000 per semester (term)

​Stop and reissue check fee

Cost pass-through + $30 administration fee

Reissue check feeCost pass-through + $30 administration fee

​Returned check fee

Cost pass-through + $30 administrative fee

​ID card

​No charge (4)

​ID card replacement fee (lost cards)​

$​10.00 per card

​Parking decal

​No charge (4)

​Accident insurance (on premises)

​No charge (4)

​Liability insurance (nursing/allied health students only)

​Cost pass-through (5)

​Library membership fee —

Nonstudent county residents

​$10 per year (6)

​​​D) Course Fees ​ ​

Fee Category​​​​

​​Courses Included


​Materials fee — computer laboratory



​Materials fee — art (some courses)

Civil engineering, drafting

Computer graphic arts

  $​35.00 (7)


​Materials fee — automotive

Technology, science

​  $60.00


​Video course fee



​Materials fee — nursing, NMT, DMS

  ​$50.00 (7)


​Reserved for future use


​Lab fee — 1 contact

​  $​90.00 (7)


​Lab fee — 2 contacts

$180.00 (7)


​Lab fee — 3 contacts

$​270.00 (7)


​Materials fee — DMS 106, DMS 210, DMS 221 


​K​Curriculum Review Fee NUR 220$400.00
​LMaterials Fee – DMS 126


​Online technology fee

​  $50.00

​Q​Quickbooks Certification Fee – BUS 207$150.00


​Materials fee — BIO 212 (Wetlands Institute)


​​​Refund Schedule - Approved Withdrawals Only​​


100% refund before semester begins

50% refund during partial refund period


100% refund before semester begins

50% refund during partial refund period

​​Print Management Fees (exceeding free copies allotted per semester)

  • Per black ink page  $0.05

  • Per color ink page ​ $0.20

​​Library Fines

  • Fines — $0.10 per day, per item overdue with a $10.00 maximum per item

  • Replacement — cost of the item plus $5.00 processing fee per item

  • Withdrawn item (item not being replaced) — cost of the item (i.e., Amerifolio)


(1) Out-of-county residents must apply for a Certificate of Residence (charge-back) from their home county as required by State statute 18A:64A-23 and 18A:64B-4.

(2) The NJVCC online course fee is an estimate for informational purposes only. The actual rate is set by the Council of County Colleges.

(3) Processing and administration of all standardized tests are charged at the actual cost to purchase the test (approximately $30 to $50 per test) plus a $25 fee to administer the test.

Lexis-Nexis subscriptions are charged to the student at the actual cost of the subscription. This cost is currently $40 per year. This subscription is optional for paralegal students who desire off-campus access to Lexis-Nexis.

(4) These services are included as part of the general service fee.

(5) Liability insurance is mandated for all nursing and allied health students. The $50 assessment is a current estimate. The actual fee will reflect the actual pass-through cost of insurance.

(6) The annual Library membership fee applies to nonstudent Gloucester County residents. This fee is waived for residents whose municipal library participates in the LOGIN Consortium. Access to the Library is included in the tuition for all RCGC students.

(7) These course fees are in accordance with programs listed in the college catalog​.​