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Volunteer Application​​

​​​​KotoriCon is run with the energy of volunteers. From planning​ and setting up, to running the events and cleaning up, it could not happen without volunteers. There are two types of volunteers: The Planning Committee and the "Day-of" Volunteers.

Planning Committee members work all year, taking care of all the details needed for KotoriCon to run safely and smoothly.

During KotoriCon, "Day-of" Volunteers run around helping in every corner! KotoriCon's friendly crew of volunteers gives it the reputation of "the little con with a big heart." Volunteers are asked to commit to five hours of work. In return they get their registration reimbursed, a staff t-shirt and some snacks.  

Sign ups for shifts comes after an individual registers as a volunteer. All volunteers will be required to wear a KotoriCon Staff shirt while on a shift. Helpers will be given this shirt so fellow staff members can easily find them. Volunteers also will be given a name tag. Staff can change and wear cosplay, or do anything they want when not on their shifts, but when on their shifts THEY MUST WEAR STAFF SHIRTS.

To be a volunteer at KotoriCon, individuals must be age 18 or older to apply alone. Those under 18 looking to volunteer must apply with an adult.

Those who have not previously volunteered, or who are not a RCGC faculty, staff or students, will have to pay for a ticket to attend KotoriCon. Volunteers will be reimbursed after they are finished their five-hour shift. Tickets are available at kotoricon2015​.eventbrite.com/  Get them early! The convention sold out the last two years.

Volunteers must also attend an orientation, the dates of which will be worked out at a later time.

KotoriCon staff use a squad system. Each squad handles a different area of the con, and volunteers can pick which they prefer. Con planners will try to take an individual's squad choice into consideration, but volunteers may be assigned to a different area depending on need.


Please pick from the following volunteer squads:

  • ​​Squad 1 - Guest Relations

    This is the Squad that works with the Guests and Green Room.
    Duties include: Working the Green Room (door security and in green room) and helping the guests.

  • Squad 2 - Con Ops/Security/Volunteers

    This is the Squad that runs Con Ops, helps with security at the doors and buildings and manages volunteers.
    Duties include: Door security, setup for the con, patrolling the buildings and registration.

  • Squad 3 - Programming

    This Squad handles the programming aspect of KotoriCon, which includes screening rooms, performances, and panels.  
    Duties include: Watching/managing a screening room, checking badges at a panel room and helping out at the Main Stage.

  • Squad 4 - Artists/Dealers

    This is the Squad that runs Artist Alley and the Dealers' Room.
    Duties include: Working at dealer and artist registration, helping dealers and artists setup, running the charity auction and
    running the JAG Table.

  • Squad 5 - Public Relations

    This is the Squad that handles Press Relations, the Information Desk and updating signs. 



The Application form is HERE​.​

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