Gloucester County College has become Rowan College at Gloucester County. Our website has moved from www.gccnj.edu to www.rcgc.edu.

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You will want a QR Code Scanner on your phone to use with our Program this year! Click here​ for suggested scanners.

Schedule by Room is found by clicking HERE.

​NEW Events:

Cosplay Professional Wr​estling Show​

​This​ new event is being held in the Fine Ar​t​​s Center on Friday starting at 7:30 PM.  Professional wrestlers will take over the stage in cosplay and battle it out.  You will be on the edge of your seat to see if your favorite character will win!

CJ Henderson Memorial Writer's Track

This programming track is to honor the writer CJ Hende​rson​.  He was a favorite in KotoriCon's Artists Alley and has inspired many to write and do what they love.  This track includes panels about CJ's work as well as featuring other writers and special guests. 

Guardians of the Galaxy - Special Screenings

We will be showing the exciting Marvel Studios comic book space adventure on Friday and Saturday evening at 6:30. Catch the screening with your friends!

​Kotori no koe 小鳥の声 

​​KotoriCon's singing contest is moving from the Karaoke room to the Fine Arts Stage on Saturday evening.  Applications are being accepted now so get your video or mp3 file together to submit--> CLICK H​ERE​

Scie​nce Tr​ack

Our theme of space this year has resulted in a space themed track of programming including a planetarium, panels and featured gue​sts.  Stars on the Move is a portable planetarium that will be running all day! Ray Villard will be joining us to talk about the universe as seen by the Hubble Space Telescope!​​ Ted Williams​ is coming from Rittenhouse Astronomical Society in Philadelphia.

Greggo's Game Shows!​​​​​

Greg Wicker, or "Greggo" as he's fondly known, has been producing and hosting game shows for anime and other nerd conventions across North America since 1999.​

2015 VIPs

We will announce our musicians, performers, actors, producers, directors etc. as they sign their contracts. So far we have received​ contract signed by Voice actors Lisle Wilkerson, Jamie McGonnigal, and Michele Knotz.​​ Musical guests confirmed are The Ricecookers, The Asterplace and Kyo Daiko. Performers Uncle Yo and Ian Rubin are returning!

Returning Programming Tracks

​​​​Contests & Tournaments

  • ​Video Games

  • Game Shows

  • Kotori no koe 小鳥の声 ​singing contest

Musical Performers 

  • ​​The Asterplace, The Ricecookers, KyoDaiko Taiko Drummers and more...

  • Shows, Autographs & Panels

Panels & Workshops

  • ​Fan submitted panels

  • Invited guest panels

  • Workshops

Performers - Click here for information on the performers


  • Uncle Yo!, Ian Rubin
  • Wrestling with Mike Goldstein
  • ​​​Panels


  • ​Anime
  • Guardians of the Galaxy


​Things to Do!

Voice Actors/Directors​... - Click here for information 

  • Lisle Wilkerson, Jamie McGonnigal, and Michele Knotz and more to come!

  • Panels​

  • Autographs


​KotoriCon​​ 2015 Mini-Program


Each attendee will receive a printed copy of this mini-program along with an insert that includes the schedule, maps and updates that did not make the program.​ The schedule is available late in December​, and there are always l​a​st minute changes!​ ​ 

​You will need a QR Code Scanner on your phone to use with our Program this year! Click here​ for suggested scanners.

​Programming Tracks Schedules:​​​​​​

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