Gloucester County College has become Rowan College at Gloucester County. Our website has moved from www.gccnj.edu to www.rcgc.edu.

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The schedule is available sometime in December​, but there are always l​ast minute changes!

​NEW Events:

Cosplay Professional Wrestling Show

​This​ new event is being held in the Fine Ar​t​​s Center on Friday starting at 7:30 PM.  Professional wrestlers will take over the stage in cosplay and battle it out.  You will be on the edge of your seat to see if your favorite character will win!

CJ Henderson memorial Writer's Track

This programming track is to honor the writer CJ Henderson​.  He was a favorite in KotoriCon's Artists Alley and has inspired many to write and do what they love.  This track includes panels about CJ's work as well as featuring other writers and special guests.

Scie​nce Track

Our theme of space this year has resulted in a space themed track of programming including a planetarium, panels and featured guests.  Stars on the Move is a portable planetarium that will be running all day! 

Programming Tracks:​​




Musical Acts


Tournaments and Contests​