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​The Dealers' Room operates from 10:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. ​on Saturday, Jan. 10, 2015 in the College Center.

​Many of our Vendors are donating items to the Charity Auction! Don't miss it!

ATKM has a great assortments of chess games, cards​​​, board games and accessories. We run tournaments in chess, YuGiOh, Magic the gathering and more!

Anime Castle is a retailer of Japanese Anime Goods based out of New York City.  In addition to travelling to various conventions we also have an online store (www.animecastle.com).  So otakus are never too far away to get their anime goods from Anime Castle.​​​

Arise Bazaar

Japanese Kimono, Yukata and artifacts. Onsite Kimono and obi dressing by knowledgeable staff​

Butter Side​​​ Down​

Peculiar rubber stamps both monstrous and amazing. Stamp your favorite ancient gods, fossils and creatures of legend. We also have vintage jewelry for cosplay designs!

Writer Danielle Ackley-McPhail will be s​etting up a booth in the Dealer's room featuring the ​featuring the works of CJ Henderson and his friends, as well as custom costume horns by The Hornie Lady. Proceeds from the sale of CJ's books will go to his family and assist them in clearing inventory out of his basement.

Collectors Anime LLC

​We are an Anime vendor specializing in Blu-Rays, DVDs, and collectibles, including merchandise from retail partner, NIS America.  A great source for rare, out-of-print, and hard to find Blu-Ray and DVD titles.  Recently​​, we have expanded to include import official goods directly from Japan from popular stores such as Animate and Gamers.​​​

The C​omic Book Store​

We are The Comic Book Storefrom Glassboro, NJ. We have a large selection of comic books, graphic novels, t-shirts, board games and card games.​​​

Coventry Decor

Coventry facebook banner.jpg

Classy barware for the grown-up geek. Etched glasses and​​ ​engraved flasks featuring exclusive fanart designs!​

​Kat's Anime Hats​

Custom hats, plushies, and other costume pieces hand made by Kat Hunter. Everything is 100% hand crafted and inspired by anime, video games, comics, manga, and all things kawaii. ​

HKT / mugentoys.com​


HKT / mugentoys.com specialty importer of toys and collectibles from Japan. We carry all the latest Merchandise from Anime, Japanese Sci Fi, Sentai, Tokusatsu, and Japanese pop culture.​​

Home Circle Media​

Featuring an ever-changing selection of Japanese and domestic art and guide books, anime stationery supplies (notebooks, binders, folders, sketchbooks), puzzles, trading figures, gashapon, and more!​​

Kyoto Anime

Kyoto Anime has, since 2003, been a retailer of licensed, imported Anime and video game merchandise at a reasonable price. Whether you're looking for a cute plush or a Gundam kit, a key chain from the latest series or a figure from an older series, a stop by our booth is always a must!​

Phase Id

We are selling cools stuffs-- Animation, DC/Marvel, Pop Culture, HelloKitty from Japan.​

Stylish Clothing... and more!!!!​

​​​Stuffe​d Sushi​

Come and Hug a Sushi!! Stuffed Sushi sells handmade sushi roll and riceball plushies in assorted sizes and "flavors".  Also come check out our newest t shirt designs, and our new bento box and chopstick selection.  Don't forget your quarters for our Gachapon Machines! ^_^

Tiki Tiki Board Games​

Tiki Tiki isn’t your average board game store.  Our primary focus is on pre-owned games. We verify parts, pieces, and playability on all our pre-owned merchandise. Our prices are the lowest you will see (most items are $6 or $8). We also carry an assortment of new Euro style board and card games.​​​

Voice Actor Tables

​Chuck Huber and  Sonny Strait will have tables they will hang out at in the Dealer's Room!


 CampAnime will be on hand selling your favorite J-snacks. What is CampAnime? CampAnime is a 3-day Anime Convention beginning at 3 pm on Friday, Sept. 11th, and ending at 4 pm Sunday, Sept. 13th. CampAnime will once again be held at the Camp Woodstock Conference and Retreat facility located at 42 Camp Road, Woodstock Valley, CT.​​​​

Edible​ Sushi!​ 

The Science Club students are selling sushi from Mandarin Court​ as a chari​ty fundraiser.

Giofano's ​​​Italian Bistro​ 

The cafeteria is located in the Dealer's Room

Maid Decadently

Delicious vegan baked goods preapred with love.

Applications for the Dealers Room are closed for 2015. Applications open in August.