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Artists' Alley operates from 10:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 10, 2015. ​ 

If you like​ j-fashion and obscure anime. I'm your person!

Purveyor of prints, glass pain​ting, small sculptures, and all things cute!​​


If you like cu​​te things, Bunnies and lolita fashion please visit my table; we have a lot to talk a​bout.   

Monica "MonMon" H.​


Enjoy colorful illustrations, ranging from greeting cards, prints, bookmakers and paper sculptures or comics with corgis. From Mermaids to cupcakes, and fanart in between. My work will make you have a smile on your face.​

Plays With String

High quality knitted winter accessories.  Where traditional technique me​​ets pop culture.



Hello! I am a life-long anime fan who grew up on healthy diet of shoujo manga and shoujo anime in Korea, and now I am working to spread anime fandom around the US! I have fan art prints of popular shows and classic ​​​shows from the 90s. I'm also a prolific potter and have brought an assortment of wheel-thrown, Japanese textile inspired tea cups.

Sweet Mildred​​

​I specialize in hand crafted lolita clothing, hair accessories and jewelry in a variety of sizes.  All of my items are hand crafted with care in Philadelphia.  I use many imported fabrics from Japan, promising that what I produce is cute and unique!  Stop by and see what I have for you!

Team Rocket's Pokémon Emporium

Come find the perfect ears at Team Rocket's Pokémon Emporium! We strive to outfit you in the perfect pair!​​


My name is Wave! :) I draw a lot of cute things and robots!  Check out my original webcomic here! ​​

bear logo.jpg

The Bear Accessories has been fulfilling a fan's necessities for over 3 years. With a wide array of products in a multit​ude of styles, from zipper pulls and jewelry to knit cozies and key chains, there is something unique for everyone to be found on this table!​

Hi! I'm Chris. I'm an illustrator and graphic designer from Central Jersey. I grew up as a fan of Megaman video games, late 90s Cartoon Network, and early 2000s anime. This is my first convention and I really want to take my art to the next level!​​​​

A variety of original and fanart plush critters. Also Steampunk Wings that will give any flightle​ss dre​​​amer inspiration. A variet​y of felted creations too.

DorkSpork is back again! We carry a wide variety of items sure to please any discerning fan of anime, sci-fi, fantasy, and cartoons. From traditional prints and p​​ostcards to more artisanal handmade items like suncatchers, sculptures, and planters, DorkSpork has your nerdy needs covered!


We offer a collection of colorful, printed illustrations for your walls, as well as smaller ac​​cessories for an everyday statement about your anime love!

Geek Mythology Crafts​

Geek Mythology creates crafts inspired by video games & Anime. We specialize in original pixel art designs brought to life in Perler beads, key chains, pin buttons, and other custom-designed items! Our Perler bead characters are fun to collect and most come with their own stand so you can display them anywhere!

We bring a range of different types of fandoms of anime, games, and original work.  Please also ​​check out our original anthology Hana Doki Kira.


Anime art. On fire. And with rainbows.​

Lesser Key Studios offers of variety of unique items to your alley. Between our OTPins, pillow plushies and our original comic for sale, we bring some spice to the every day artist alley table.

The following Artists/Studios have been accepted and should look for an email with instructions for registering:

Buttered Buns Studios
Cheppo art
China's Crafty Creations
​Claybies by Lonelysouthpaw
Fruitbat Comics
​The Needle Gnomes​

We are no longer a​ccepting applications for 2015.  

As artists secure their space, information is added on this page!