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​For general questions, students should contact the Financial Aid Office at 856-415-2210. For specific financial a​id questions, please contact one of the following for assistance: 

Michael Chando
Executive Director, Admissions and Financial Aid
856-468-5000, ext. 2282
Alternative Loans, National Guard

​​Kathleen Ellis-Foultz
Director of Financi​al Aid
856-468-5000, ext. 6364
Federal Grants (Pell Grant and the Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant​)

Paul Roach​​
Financial Aid Administrator
​856-468-5000, ext. 2212
New Jersey State Grant (TAG) and  NJ STARS​

Rene Youssef
Financial Aid Coordinator
Start Smart Scholarship and Unemployment
856-468-5000 ext.​ 6629 

Terri Germano​​
Team Coordinator
856-468-5000, ext. 2219
Federal Work Study​

Karen Lucas
856-468-5000, ext. 2105
Rowan College Foundation Scholarships ​

Tiffany Williams
Financial Aid Administrator
856-468-5000 Ext 6208
Federal Work Study Program

Last Updated: 12/10/14 

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