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Federal Work Study

The Federal Work Study (FWS) program provides part-time employment opportunities for students to help finance
their college education. These positions are located both on and off campus at approved federal, state and local
public agencies; or private non- or for-profit organizations. To qualify, students must demonstrate financial need.
FWS employees receive a paycheck for the hours they work, in which the funds will not be applied toward students'
tuition bills.


Eligibility Requirements

To receive Federal Work Study, a student must:

  • Apply for financial aid at fafsa.gov by the May 1 deadline

  • Submit required documents for financial aid completion by the June 1 deadline

  • Demonstrate additional unmet need after all grants and scholarships have been considered

  • Matriculate in an eligible degree or certificate program

  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress

Students who have completed the financial aid process and are interested in the FWS program should visit the
Office of Financial Aid or email Terri Germano for more information.


Award Process

The FWS award amount appears on a student's Financial Aid Award Notification and is an estimated total of his or
her earning eligibility. This amount represents the maximum wages students can earn for that academic year.
However, this award is not a guarantee of how much students can earn; they will be paid only for the hours
they work.

While classes are in session, students may work up to 17 hours per week. To qualify, students must enroll on at least
a part-time basis. Once no longer an enrolled student, individuals must terminate their employment.

View the Federal Work Study Student Handbook.


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