Financial Aid Awards

​All financial assistance received is applied first to the student's unpaid tuition and fees for the current semester. The student's account is credited after the sixth week of the semester. Award amounts for scholarships, grants and loans are adjusted to reflect a student's actual enrollment at the conclusion of the drop/add period.

If students are not eligible for financial aid based on their actual enrollment, they must pay all tuition and fees owed. If students' total financial aid is not enough to pay their tuition and fees, they must pay the balance by the due date on their bills (see Payment Options).

Financial aid is awarded based on the assumption that students will attend full time (carrying 12 or more credits). Therefore, if students are not attending full time, their awards may be adjusted accordingly. To be eligible for Federal Direct Loans and Tuition Aid Grants (TAGs), students must be enrolled and maintain at least 6 credits each term. 


Student aid is adjusted continuously​ until the last day of the drop/add​ period.  Reasons for adjustment include:

  • The student chose to drop a course.

  • The college canceled a course.

  • The instructor reported a student as N/A (never attended).

  • The student repeated the course​​​​.

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