Applying for Aid

​​​​​Students who wish to request aid while attending Rowan College should follow these guidelines.


Step 1: Apply for Federal Aid

Admissions Requirement

To be awarded any financial aid at Rowan College, students first must be admitted into a degree-granting program at the College.

Federal Aid may be requested by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSASM) form online before the appropriate deadline.

In addition to completing the FAFSASM form, each student must be sure Rowan College receives an electronic copy of his or her Student Aid Report (SAR), containing an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) from the Federal Processor. Rowan College's school code must be added: 006901.


Step 2: Apply for State Aid

State Aid should be requested by completing the Higher Education Student Assistance Authority​ (HESAA) form online before the appropriate deadline.


Step 3: Track Progress

Students should track the progress of Federal Aid and State Aid to ensure that each process has been completed. Approximately 30 percent of applicants are selected randomly for Federal Verification​. For example, the federal or state government may send a student a request via email or standard mail to submit additional documentation. Failure to comply with these requests before the appropriate deadlines could lead to unexpected delays.


Apply for Additional Sources of Aid

The ​Financial ​aid Programs section of this website provides a list of various programs (grants, loans, New Jersey Student Tuition Assistance Reward Scholarship — NJ STARS, Educational Opportunity Fund — EOF, scholarships, etc.) that should be reviewed. Click HE​RE to start this review process by learning more about grants.

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