Gloucester County College has become Rowan College at Gloucester County. Our website has moved from www.gccnj.edu to www.rcgc.edu.
ESL Student Services
The ESL and International Students RCGC program offers opportunities in academic and Continuing Education to students who speak English as a second language and/or who have completed their elementary and secondary education in other countries.

Academic Courses:

Academic courses include Basic Composition, Introduction to College Reading, and English Composition I.  Although these classes cover the same content as regular composition and reading courses at RCGC, the emphasis is placed on cultural differences and the grammar, mechanics, and writing structure difficulties that non-native speakers of English might experience.​

​Tutoring Center:​​

In addition to regular tutoring services, the Tutoring Center offers assistance for ESL and International Students writing, grammar, reading, and pronunciation. For more information about ESL tutoring please call 856-681-6250 or stop by the center. Tutoring Services is located in the LRC building room 601 (above the bookstore).  

ESL Classes: ​

The RCGC Continuing Education Division offers English as a Second Language classes for adults who want to learn and adapt themselves to the American language and culture. Special emphasis is placed on improving communication skills in the areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The Division of Continuing Education is located at 1492 Tanyard Road. Click HERE​ for more information on ESL classes.

RCGC Multicultural Club:​​

The Multicultural Club, one of the 24 student-run organizations at RCGC formed to fulfill common interests among students, encourages students from diverse cultural backgrounds to come together and respectfully share ideas about strengthening and promoting campus diversity and teamwork. For more information on the Multicultural Club contact Marcela Stein-Savelski at at msteinsa@rcgc.edu  856-415-2131.​